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Marina Abramovic, Madman DVD

Applauded at film festivals and widely seen on television, this documentary on one of the most dedicated and enduring performance artists of the last 30 years, Marina Abramovic, The Artist is Present is an engrossing, sometimes perplexing and moving film. It documents the preparations for and the exhibiting of a retrospective and a new performance by Abramovic at New York’s MoMA in 2010. Virginia Baxter writes, “In 106 minutes Akers and Dupré expose for the viewer something of the emotional, physical and intellectual demands inherent in mounting an exhibition and performance that deal in the power of the present. In the process they also offer insight into the life’s work of a remarkable artist” (see article). 

5 copies courtesy of Madman Entertainment

Creative Minds, Madman DVD, 2 discs

Creative Minds is a six-part Madman/SBS series of interviews with artists Bill Henson, Kate Grenville, Robyn Archer, Elena Kats-Chernin, Stephen Page and Geoffrey Rush. In-depth interviews with Australian artists are a rarity, and these have the benefit of excellent supporting footage, for example photographer Henson working on his moodily expressive night-time landscapes. Director Robin Hughes’ quietly phrased and sometimes probing questions yield insights into the creative mind. RT

10 copies courtesy of Madman Entertainment

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RealTime issue #113 Feb-March 2013 pg. 48

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