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Ros Bandt, Tarhu Connections, double CD

This immersive double CD features the music, voices and soundscapes of the Mediterranean and the Pacific, brought together through Ros Bandt's playing of the tarhu in collaboration with myriad musicians.

"Ros Bandt's tarhu—a handsome, long-necked East-West hybrid string instrument which can be plucked or bowed and has resonant sympathetic strings—is the artist's means for conjuring a cogent, sonically immersive world view which draws together voices human, animal, instrumental—lyre, harp, viola da gamba, shofar—and electronic. Hence the title of this two-CD set of works made across the last decade: Tarhu Connections. Above all, player and tarhu are always in the world—an ancient cistern beneath Istanbul ringing with dripping water, the talkative streets of Hania in Crete, a rural path along which goats trot, their bells tinkling, a room in Venice where the sound of rain accompanies softly plucked strings."

Read more of Keith Gallasch's review.

5 copies courtesy of Hearing Places

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RealTime issue #138 April-May 2017 pg.

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