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 Haircuts by Children Haircuts by Children
The RealTime Editors and a team of six Canadian writers from the RealTime-PuSh
review-writing workshop will be posting reviews of the festival as it unfolds at

Hey Girl! Hey Girl!
Read about these shows & more

Romeo Castelluci [Italy]: Hey Girl!
Boca del Lupo [Vancouver]: My Dad, My Dog
Nigel Charnock [UK] : Fever, Shakespeare sonnets in voice, dance & music
Mammalian Diving Reflex [Toronto]: Haircuts by Children
Catalyst [Edmonton]: Frankenstein
November Theatre [Edmonton-Vancouver]: The Black Rider by Waits, Wilson & Burroughs
Electric Company [Vancouver]: Jonathan Young in Palace Grand
newworld theatre [Vancouver] & Teesri Duniya Theatre [Montreal]: My Name is Rachel Corrie

My Name Is Rachel Corrie My Name Is Rachel Corrie
and from Australia

CIRCA: The Space Between and 46 Circus Acts in 45 Minutes
Back to Back Theatre: Small Metal Objects
Chunky Move: GLOW

RealTime’s participation in PuSh 2007 has been made possible by the Canada Council and the Australia Council for the Arts.

RealTime issue #82 Dec-Jan 2007 pg.

© ; for permission to reproduce apply to [email protected]

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