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Talking dance, in the context of doing it, appears to be seriously on the increase across Australia. Sydney’s The Performance Space will present its second antistatic in 1999 (curated by Rosalind Crisp, Sue-ellen Kohler and Zane Trow), PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) will present its bi-annual Dancers are Space-eaters in the same year, and in Brisbane the Body of Work dance conference was held recently. In Melbourne the demise of Greenmill left a gap which was quickly filled by MAP.
RealTime became part of MAP (Movement and Performance), a new dance event in Melbourne featuring a season of dance works and a 2 day symposium at the Malthouse. In this edition (which first appeared online in August), a team of RealTime editors and writers (Zsuzsanna Soboslay, Philipa Rothfield, Suzanne Spunner, Eleanor Brickhill, Katrina Philips Rank, Elizabeth Drake, Simon Ellis, Virginia Baxter, Keith Gallasch and MAP symposium co-curator Erin Brannigan) respond to the dance works and symposium themes and debate they experienced at MAP.

RealTime issue #27 Oct-Nov 1998 pg. 4

© Keith Gallasch; for permission to reproduce apply to [email protected]

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