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Working the Screen 1999

Online Australia

Creating an online future

Online Australia is involved in an astonishing range of initiatives, partnerships, forums and peak events, across business, government and culture. Amongst its cultural patnerships and sponsorships are the following: MAAP (Multimedia Art Asia Pacific), the online multimedia festival emanating from Brisbane in September is supported as one of its peak events. Online Australia hosted Project 1, a one day coming together of arts organisations, web developers and online business (see page 10). It has also declared the Apple-sponsored Fourth National Entertainment Industry Conference (Sydney, August 6 - 7) as The Peak Music Event of Online Australia Year. The National Cultural Festival Online (see page 7) is another cultural event supported by them.

Online Australia Year 1999 is a Commonwealth Government initiative designed to: help Australians succeed online; build Australia’s online communities; involve Australians in determining and participating in the nation’s online future. Online Australia 1999 comprises a national program of events and activities from March through November 1999 which will focus national attention on information economy developments and issues.

Each month of Online Australia 1999 has a theme, based on key areas identified in the government’s Strategic Framework for the Information Economy. From March to November these themes are: Information Economy; Regional and Rural Development; Small and Medium Business; Government Online; Employment Skills and Y2K; Education and Health Online; Culture and Communities; E-commerce; Australia and the Global Economy.

Here is a selection from Online Australia’s program for August - September:

August. Education & Health Online; Internet World Australia 99, Sydney, Aug 2 - 4; Telecommunications Online Forum, ACIF, SPAN & Telstra, Sydney, August 4; Fourth National Entertainment Industry Conference, Sydney, August 6 - 7; Royal College of Nursing Expo, Sydney, August 14; DTV & Datacasting: TV’s New Dawn, Sydney, August 19; Business/Banking Working in Partnership, Melbourne, Aug 20; Interact 99 Asia Pacific Multimedia Festival, Melbourne, August 20 - Sept 3; Online Australia Agenda Series: Education Online, Sydney, August 26; Health Informatics Summit, Hobart, Aug 29 - 30; Health Services CEO/PECC Forum, Hobart, August 31. Also in August, State Departments E-Health & Telehealth Workshops, Hobart, Perth Darwin, August; and Skills for the Information Economy, National.

September. Culture and Communities: Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival 99, Brisbane, Sept 3 - 12; Adult Learners Week: Seniors Online Day, National, September 7; Online Australia Agenda Series: Culture Online, Brisbane, September 9; Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Brisbane, September - January. Online Australia Agenda Series: Access & Participation, Melbourne, September 21; Business to Business Trade Show, Perth, Sept 21-23; Online Australia—SBS Multicultural News Portal, Online, September 24; Communication Research Forum, Canberra, September 27-28; Community Networking/Networking Communities Summit Ballarat, Sept 29 - 30; Online Field Day, Ballarat, September 29 -30; The Australian Virtual Centre for Women and the Law, Online, September; Australian Schools Web Challenge Winners Announced, National, September; NOIE IT & T Skills Website launch, Online, September; Online Australia National Cultural Festival Online (see page 19)

Online Australia is coordinated by The National Office for the Information Economy within The Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

For more information visit: [expired]

RealTime issue #32 Aug-Sept 1999 pg. 3

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