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Kirsten Krauth

Dawn of the VJ

As part of its continuing Media.Futures series, Metro Screen is hosting a seminar on VJing, that sampled mix of pictures and sound which is becoming increasingly popular in clubs. Four visual artists, Kirsten Bradley aka Cicada, Sean Healy, John Jacobs and Chair Enda Murray discuss their practice and how to work with digital technologies. Feb 18, 6.15-8.15pm, Metro Screen, Paddington Town Hall, Sydney, $15, tel 02 9361 5318. Email. Website.

DISculture: works on DVD

Digital distribution promises to force major changes to the way films are produced, exhibited and sold. If the example of peer-to-peer MP3 filesharing’s debilitating effect on copyright law for music is any guide, film distribution as we know it could be altered irrevocably. Too broad in curatorial range to be more than a sample of what is possible with the medium, the DISculture compilation includes short films, 3D animation, photography and written works, worth following up if you’d like to see a sample of what is possible in DVD distribution. Edithouse, tel 02 9699 5566. Website

Get with The Program

THE PROGRAM has evolved out of the noise festival, a website designed to showcase creative talents of young people. Regular articles, artist profiles, news and competitions are featured, and work is exhibited regardless of format: text, Flash, MP3s are welcome. Creative organisations are also invited to submit news, event listings and special deals via their newsletter. Producer Krissie Scudds comments: “It’s about providing a space where creative people and creative organisations can connect with interested audiences. Another chance to support artists by giving them a leg up using the web.” Tel 02 9249 6504. Email. Website.

Changes to the Interactive Media Guidelines

As of January 1, the Australian Film Commission has revised its guidelines for Interactive Digital Media. For projects applying for Early Development funding under Strand, the maximum allocation has been increased from $5,000 to $15,000 and under Strand W, the AFC will now match investments of up to $50,000 towards development of projects that have secured either a cash investment and/or a services and facilities contribution. Kim Dalton (CEO, AFC) says that “The guideline revisions will assist to provide a more efficient and direct development path in the lead up to the commencement of the AFC’s Broadband fund (April 2002) announced as part of the Federal Government’s film industry funding package.” More information can be found under Film Development, AFC website.

Political satire an online hit

Okay, it’s a little late, but still worth catching. Hansard, an animated, unofficial guide to last year’s election, features the voices of Perth’s best comics, taking the micky out of our pollies, using Flash and produced entirely online. It’s been a huge success. Producer David Downie reports, “At 27,000 hits per week, we’ve been overwhelmed with the response…the project has been 10 years in development and is the result of the fine collaborative skills of some fabulous minds but working with animation simply lets you get away with so much.” Screening at ABC Online

RealTime issue #47 Feb-March 2002 pg. 20

© Kirsten Krauth; for permission to reproduce apply to [email protected]

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