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Noise Noise
Matthew Saville’s feature film Noise on DVD

Noise is a sharply observed, suspenseful and often quietly funny account of a naive young policeman (Graham McGann played superbly by Brendan Cowell) struggling with tinnitus, incipient deafness and the fear of something worse, like a tumour. He’s unknowingly on a fateful journey amidst murder investigations in suburban Australia. With the tinnitus as their starting point, Saville, composer Bryony Marks and sound designer Emma Bortignon, have created one of the most involving, haunting and deeply integrated sound worlds in Australian cinema. See the review, page 24.

Noise, Retro Active Films, Australian distributor Madman Films
5 copies courtesy of Madman Films

Claire Edwardes, Coil Claire Edwardes, Coil
Coil: percussionist Claire Edwardes' first solo CD

Having just seen Claire Edwardes performing with great subtlety in the bracing Song Company/Ensemble Offspring Cage Uncaged celebration and, a week before, in a superb concert in duet with guitarist Geoffrey Morris, i was eager to immerse myself in the percussionist’s first CD, titled Coil after the magical first track, composed by Gerard Brophy. My expectations of textured, nuanced and characterful playing were fully met. See page 48 for review and read Danielle Carey’s interview with Edwardes on page 14.
5 copies courtesy of Tall Poppies CDs

Absolute Wilson Absolute Wilson
Absolutely Wilson: the Robert Wilson
documentary on DVD

For those who missed Robert Wilson’s surprisingly animated, performative and very funny talk about his life, art and career at the 2006 Sydney Festival, Absolute Wilson (2006), a generous 105-minute documentary by Katharina Otto-Bernstein, is more than compensation. The film offers a talkative Wilson, words from Tom Waits, Susan Sontag (who saw every performance of some works), William Burroughs, David Byrne, Phillip Glass and others, along with images and tantalising footage from many shows.
See page 34.
6 copies courtesy of DV1

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RealTime issue #81 Oct-Nov 2007 pg. 56

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