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realtime 102

April-May 2011


e-dition may 24
in the loop – may 24
realtime news and advance word

e-dition may 10
in the loop – may 10
realtime news and advance word

editorial - rt102


world theatre festival
sparks in the dark: ideas & forms
douglas leonard: world theatre festival, brisbane powerhouse

push 2011
the city: reversing lines of sight
alex lazaridis ferguson: push 2011, vancouver

inbetween time: stage 2
jam tomorrow: art, science & magic
osunwunmi: what next for the body, inbetween time

fringe world
the speculative fringe
urszula dawkins: fringe world, perth

special features

e-dition may 10
china: creative expression on notice
dan edwards: rising cultural repression in china

dance massive 2011
intro: maintain critical mass!
realtime: dance massive 2011, melbourne

dance like never before
keith gallasch: rosalind crisp, no one will tell us...; dance massive

erupting from the archive
carl nilsson-polias: balletlab, amplification, dance massive

in the heat of the moment
keith gallasch: deanne butterworth, matthew day, dance massive

into the dance-scape
jana perkovic: narelle benjamin, in glass, dance massive

journey of the tribe
jana perkovic: herbertson & cobham, sunstruck, dance massive

let's dance—and we do
jana perkovic: bluemouth inc, dance marathon, dance massive

present, tense
virginia baxter: luke george, now now now: dance massive

sounds massive
gail priest: the soundtracks of dance massive

talkin' 'bout my generation
philipa rothfield: becky, jodi & john, john jasperse company, dance massive

the ambiguities of happiness
jana perkovic: shaun parker, happy as larry, dance massive

the art machine dances
keith gallasch: connected, chunky move, dance massive

turning the tables, working the audience
carl nilsson-polias: sweat, branch nebula, dance massive


e-dition may 24
the pleasures of meta-performance
caroline wake: imperial panda festival, sydney

embracing chaos
keith gallasch: roland schimmelpfennig’s before\after

new music theatre in utero
matthew lorenzon: carnegie 18, full tilt

opinion: the wild duck re-make
keith gallasch: simon stone's the wild duck, belvoir

reworking language for the theatre
john bailey: the eleventh hour; angus cerini


kinetic art machine makes waves for dance
john bailey: reuben margolin & chunky move's connected

shooter with silencer
martin del amo: interview, dance-maker matthew day

the body infinite
pauline manley: matthew day, cannibal, sydney gay & lesbian mardi gras

visual arts

after cinema: the meeting of feeling & meaning
darren jorgensen: jesper just, john curtin gallery

into the void: nature distilled
urszula dawkins: john gerrard, pica

performance art up close at a distance
barbara campbell: books about mike parr

photography here, there & everywhere
virginia baxter: interview, sandy edwards, arthere

putting the work back into networks
lisa gye: networks (cells & silos), muma, melbourne

the dance of language
diana klaosen: bill hart, in the guise of thought

wormholes into new dimensions
gail priest: interview, bec dean & lizzie muller, awfully wonderful


another acoustic reality
simon charles: interior design: music for the bionic ear

delicacies, brutalities & inbetween
tony osborne: the now now festival 2011

music and the unruled eye
chris reid: stephen whittington, the music of light

new music: challenge as fun
matthew lorenzon, mona foma, hobart

pure pursuits
gail priest: soundout 2011, canberra

sounds found & introduced
bruce mowson: bogong air festival

film & screen culture

bigpond adelaide film festival
between the notes
jeremy eccles: bob connolly, sophie raymond, mrs carey’s concert

bigpond adelaide film festival
indigenous media art: complex visions
tom redwood: stop(the)gap, adelaide film festival, samstag museum

bigpond adelaide film festival
the magical meeting of cinema & media arts
keith gallasch: 2011 adelaide film festival

small stories, big pictures, bigger reach
kath dooley: australian international documentary conference

+onscreen media arts

a transmedia fairytale conversation for adults
kirsten krauth: interview, sarah gibson, re-enchantment

aligning senses and ethics
somaya langley: sydney dorkbot group show

apps, dim sum & astronauts' wives
kirsten krauth: annette shun wah's china heart

into a hall of mirror gazes
vivienne gaskin: shaun gladwell, stereo sequences, acmi

refracted cities
christen cornell: 4a cinema alley, sydney