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realtime 106

Dec-Jan 2011


in the loop jan 31
realtime’s advance word


rt106 - editorial


melbourne international arts festival
bodies, flocks and crowds
john bailey: melbourne international arts festival

melbourne international arts festival
love in a cold climate
jana perkovic: 2011 melbourne international arts festival

2012 sydney festival: black at the centre
keith gallasch: interview, wesley enoch, director, i am eora

east & west: side by side & in between
stephanie burridge: da:ns festival singapore

immersed with eyes wide open
cleo mees: parramasala australian festival of south asian arts

layering the asian-australian connection
jonathan bollen: 2011 ozasia festival, adelaide

points of departure, confrontation & engagement
keith gallasch: interview, paul grabowsky, 2012 adelaide festival

the ecstatic, needy, desirous body
douglas leonard: 2011 brisbane festival

unsettling the idea of ideas
ben brooker: the festival of unpopular culture

special features

no content


online e-dition jan 31, 2012
hypnotic hazes, voyeuristic visions
teik-kim pok: pact’s beguiled; shh hybrid arts’ how to lose sight

accessing innovative art
keith gallasch: interview, kriszta doczy, contemporary arts media

back to the past, into the future
karen therese: ps122’s the retrofuturespective festival

expanding on the solo
caroline wake: sydney fringe festival, pact

in the loop
realtime advance word: australian theatre networked

junkyard opera in the tower
john bailey: four larks theatre at malthouse

outside looking inside out
keith gallasch: bloodland, gross und klein, sydney theatre company


online e-dition jan 31, 2012
artv: kate champion video interview
never did me any harm, force majeure & sydney theatre company

between god and human
philipa rothfield: jo lloyd’s future perfect

dance and gravity
cleo mees: youmove’s 4tell

juggler of forms
erin brannigan: interview, dancer-choreographer israel galván

transforming the artist & the audience
martin del amo: interview alain platel, spring dance

visual arts

performance art: going beyond
ella mudie: fiona mcgregor and john a douglas durational performances

public art and its audience
lucy hawthorn: iteration again, cast

slide show or no show
sandy edwards: photo projection shows, sydney

the actor in the gallery
chris reid: christine collins, ray harris, aeaf


thnmf 2011
expanding time, space and sounds
henry andersen: speak percussion, le noir de l’etoile, thnmf

thnmf 2011
percussion maximal
sam gillies: speak percussion, flesh and ghost, thnmf

thnmf 2011
playing the ghosts of history
henry andersen: piano tapestry, ross bolleter, mark gasser, anthony pateras, thnmf

thnmf 2011
slippage of sound and sight
henry andersen: decibel, camera obscura

thnmf 2011
sounding architecture, sculpting space
sam gillies: marina rosenfeld & decibel, teenage lontano, cannons

thnmf 2011
the proximity of sounds
sam gillies: club huge #1: marina rosenfeld and julian day, thnmf

intro: thnmf 2011
transcending the hear and now
gail priest: 10th totally huge new music festival & conference, perth

sharing sound with painters
jasmin stephens: philip samartzis, desert, east kimberley

soundstream: smart new music
chris reid: interview, gabriella smart

textures of togetherness
matthew lorenzon: gian slater’s us & others

film & screen culture

burning issue
censorship and the right to shock
jack sargeant: srdjan spasojevic’s a serbian film

burning issue
visions of lives constrained
dan edwards: granaz moussavi’s my tehran for sale

in the age of loneliness
oliver downes: daniel nettheim’s the hunter

manifesting the unexpressed
danni zuvela: brisbane international film festival 2011

riding with dragons
mike walsh: mario andreacchio’s the dragon pearl, ozasia

shades of light and dark
katerina sakkas: 2011 greek film festival

short film paradise
flickerfest, 21st australian international short film festival

+onscreen media arts

divisible istanbul
melinda rackham: isea 2011, istanbul

the future of the past of media art
lisa gye: rewire conference, liverpool, uk