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realtime 11

Feb-March 1996


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special features

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A new song and dance
Eleanor Brickhill, Meryl Tankard’s Songs with Mara, Sydney Festival

For the thinking dancer
Rachel Fensham and Sarah Miller, Week 3, Dancers are space eaters, PICA

Looking at being looked at dancing
Eleanor Brickill talks with Graeme Watson

tess de quincey & stuart lynch: dancing the city
keith gallasch, compression 100, de quincey lynch, rt11

The space takes care of me
Rachel Fensham talks with Alice Cummins

visual arts

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film & screen culture

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+onscreen media arts

Critically interactive
Previewing the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Burning the Interface, John Conomos demonstrates artists’ challenge to prevailing multimedia myths

Immersions and navigations
Kate Richards surveys recent multimedia works in Sydney

Literate ears
Mike Leggett reviews Kerckhove’s The Skin of Culture

Eric Hewitt endures the Third International Interactive Multimedia Symposium in Perth

Phobias, fashion and hope
Mike Leggett visits the 12th IMZ World Congress: Sydney 19-25 November 1995

Sharpening the edge
Annemarie Jonson interviews Amanda McDonald Crowley, new Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT)

The unimaginable brought to life
John McConchie previews In Spaces Unsuspected—film, video and electronic art in the Adelaide Festival

Virtually Stelarc
Boris Kelly