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realtime 110

Aug-Sept 2012


online e-dition sept 5
giveaway: rosas' cesna, carriageworks

online e-dition sept 5
in the loop sept 5: asian flavours under a full moon
ozasia, adelaide festival centre

online e-dition sept 5
in the loop sept 5: digital whispers & shadows
speak to me, experimenta

online e-dition sept 5
in the loop sept 5: quick picks & opportunities
realtime’s advance word

online e-dition sept 18
In the loop sept 18: new spaces & opportunities
realtime’s advance word

online e-dition sept 18
in the loop sept 18: quick picks
realtime’s advance word

giveaways rt110

in the loop aug 21: dancing season
spring dance, sydney opera house

in the loop aug 21: sonic capers in corner country
sound circus, jon rose

in the loop aug: 21 quick picks & opportunities
realtime advance word

rt110 - editorial


true chaos: theatre at the limits
jana perkovic: theatertreffen, berlin

online e-dition august 21
radical relief in reactionary times
virginia baxter: under the radar, 2012 brisbane festival

montpellier danse 2012
in pursuit of failure & the body possible
mary kate connolly: montpellier danse 2012

kumuwuki/big wave
regional as centre
keith gallasch: interview steve mayhew, kumuwuki/big wave

junction arts festival
live art-activated launceston
keith gallasch: interview, junction arts festival director, natalie de vito

festival transamériques
contemplation, shit and activism
alex lazaridis ferguson: festival transamériques, montreal 2012

special features

burning issue - arts education issues
make the creative process visible
mary ann hunter: artists in schools

arts education issues
creative doctorates & the health of music education
matthew lorenzon: performance-led research in music

arts education issues
performance: the artist-scholar hybrid
keith gallasch: practice-led research in performance

arts education issues
the research degree—consistency vs diversity
ella mudie: the visual arts practice-led phd

arts education issues
true calling: the good news & the bad
jodie mcneilly: pressures on tertiary dance education


online exlcusive
demonic doubt & puppet art
keith gallasch: interview, hilary bell, the splinter, stc

arts education issues
acting and much more
keith gallasch: alistair toogood, australian academy of dramatic art

a rash of male hysterics
keith gallasch: recent theatre in sydney

a scarred colonial psyche
catherine mckinnon: marcell dorney’s charcoal creek

face to face with ingmar bergman
keith gallasch: interview, simon stone, face to face, stc

light, shadow & place
kelly-lee hickey: red shoes, under today, alice springs

the mind: travelling & unravelling
astrid francis: perth theatre company, it’s dark outside

what’s a dramatist to do?
john bailey: melbourne performance

when shapes change shape
mary ann hunter: terrapin puppet theatre, sleeping horses

who would consider me mad now?
kathryn kelly: leah mercer, margi brown ash, eve


online e-dition august 21
asleep but awake and dancing
zsuzsanna sobolsay: ql2 dance theatre, noplace

arts education issues
stepping out
martin del amo: link, waapa’s graduate dance company

dancing fish tales
varia karipoff: james welsby, tidefolk fictions

the body: beginning and end
keith gallasch: matthew day, intermission; adt, be your self

tweaking reality
philipa rothfield: this monster body and one show only

weather patterns & word dances
keith gallasch: interview lucy guerin: conversation piece & weather

visual arts

lo-fi & hi-fi, irony & alchemy
ella mudie: we need you, you need us, and red water

photographic uncertainties
darren jorgensen: jeff wall photographs

the longing for healing
laetitia wilson: magnesium light; the world is everything that is the case

three shadows
djon mundine: new indigenous photography


online e-dition sept 18
realtime tv: claire edwardes & damien ricketson, ensemble offspring

antarctic reveries
greg hooper: liquid architecture 13, brisbane

aurora festival of living music - feature

canaries in electric rain
darren jorgensen: decibel, small things

on the tightrope of audience judgement
matthew lorenzon: ensemble offspring, new radicals

the body in the instrument
greg hooper: elision, crossbows festival

film & screen culture

online e-dition sept 5
going very live online
gail priest: entity, random dance, itunes digital release

online e-dition sept 5
risk-free rom-com
katerina sakkas: amanda jane's the wedding party

online e-dition august 21
transgender transformations
keith gallasch: 16th sydney film school festival

education & the arts
thinking through film
tina kaufman: filmmaking as practice-led research

beyond our borders
oliver downes: sydney film festival 2012

sean penn: the time, the event
deane williams: paolo sorrentino’s this must be the place

+onscreen media arts

online e-dition august 21
more than a shadowy imposter
sarah-mace dennis: parallel universes, the block, qut

education & the arts
structures, strictures & students
melinda rackham: challenge & change in media arts education

a random revolution
urszula dawkins: cyberdada retrospective