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realtime 12

April-May 1996


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special features

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Adelaide Festival 1996
Energy as waste, desirous and deadly
Linda Marie Walker at the Slovenian dance company Betontanc’s Know Your Enemy

Adelaide Festival 1996
No dance we know
Richard Murphet experiences Meg Stuart’s No One is Watching at the Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival 1996
The raw and the complex
Eleanor Brickhill surveys dance at the Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival 1996
The space between
Zsuzsanna Soboslay reflects on Adelaide Festival dance and performance

Adelaide Festival 1996
To be another body for me
Linda Marie Walker, No longer ready made, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods

An issue of scale
Eleanor Brickhill takes a close look at One Extra’s The Antwatchers

Writing dancing right
Julia Postle reviews a new collection of essays on dance

visual arts

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film & screen culture

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+onscreen media arts

Healing virtual realities
Eric Mason interviews virtual reality performance artist Vincent Vincent

How's tricks?
Jane Goodall at Sydney Intermedia Network’s Matinaze

Silicon alchemy: frames from an imaginary flowchart
Francesca da Rimini at ANAT’s January forum on Artists and Interactive Multimedia

Tactical media
Ian Andrews reports on the Next 5 Minutes conference in Amsterdam

Virtual nation: I want my Telstra
Boris Kelly considers the implications of the sale of Telstra in a new internet context