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realtime 23

Feb-March 1998


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special features

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Cultures dancing
Eleanor Brickhill compares performances by Tharp! and Dance Exchange

Dance as research
Julia Postle experiences The Red Shift at Canberra’s Choreographic Centre

Praise the lord
Zsuzsanna Soboslay surveys recent dance events and dialogues in Melbourne: Kennett, Parker, Lasica, Hilton, Guerin, Adams, Crisp et al

Small miracles: from footwork to footage
Erin Brannigan explores the dynamic of the film-dance relationship in Intersteps’ Videosteps

visual arts

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film & screen culture

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+onscreen media arts

Could I please have your attention? asks Jonathon Delacour

Dissolving boundaries
Ned Rossiter witnesses Women on the Verge of New Technology

Out of the box
Sophea Lerner reflects on sound and computing after ICAD ’97

Radical re-coding
Kathy Cleland reports on the ANAT-Performance Space Code Red

The aniconic and digital image
Heather Barton rethinks the spiritual and soft space in Malaysian New Media Arts at the First National Electronic Art Exhibition

Trapped in a wwweb of deceit
Alan Thomas inside the Age of (X-file) Information

Virtual empire
Diana Klaosen reports on a public multimedia event across Tasmania

Where the digirati meet the literati
Mark Amerika, keynote speaker at ANAT’s FOLDBACK in the 1998 Adelaide Festival, interviewed by Vicki Sowry