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realtime 26

Aug-Sept 1998


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special features

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Next Wave
Dancing across waves
Philipa Rothfield experiences Contamination and Distance at Next Wave

Melbourne Festival
Tempted south
Keith Gallasch previews the 1998 Melbourne Festival and overviews the ongoing arts festivals debate

Maturing blends
Stacey Callaghan samples the vintage at Brisbane’s Cab/Sav

Pay attention to the moves
Sophie Hansen sees contemporary world dance in London—Stuart, Forsythe, Clark, Miller, Selwyn Norton

Practice as difference
Eleanor Brickhill examines the studio space in dance practice

visual arts

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film & screen culture

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+onscreen media arts

A question of questions
Stephen Jones offers a biased account of the Towards a Science of Consciousness III Conference, University of Arizona

Bent virtual
Shane Rowlands sees Ultraviolet at Griffith Artworks

Between professional diagnosis and dumb fascination
Colin Hood enters the spirit of Justine Cooper’s Rapt

Digital acronym riot
A new New Media festival in Brisbane

Digital museuming
A unique interdisciplinary conference on digital media at the Museum of Sydney

Disconnecting the larynx
Mike Leggett on Being Connected at the AFC’s multimedia conference


Promiscuous media
Shiralee Saul savours new media at Next Wave

Steven Maras explores skilling, interdisciplinarity and capital M media in Communications and Media Studies

Waiting for the fourth dimension
Dean Kiley queries A CONCEIT at the RMIT Project Space

Write sites
Kirsten Krauth looks at fiction on the net