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realtime 27

Oct-Nov 1998


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RealTime @ MAP
MAP intro
A RealTime feature report on the MAP dance season and symposium in Melbourne

RealTime @ MAP
A question of visions
Zsuzsanna Soboslay, Mixed Metaphor Week One

RealTime @ MAP
A world of difference
Eleanor Brickhill, MAP Symposium

RealTime @ MAP
All swans together
Virginia Baxter, DW98 and post-show forum,

RealTime @ MAP
All you need is love
Suzanne Spunner, Company in Space, touchwhere

RealTime @ MAP
Between perceptual fields
Philipa Rothfield, DW98, Dance Works

RealTime @ MAP
Critical combinations
Katrina Phillips Rank, Collaborations, The Australian Ballet

RealTime @ MAP
Curious interstices
Keith Gallasch, DW98 forum

RealTime @ MAP
Dancers behaving complexly
Eleanor Brickhill, DW98, Dance Works

RealTime @ MAP
Filling in the body map
Zsuzsanna Soboslay

RealTime @ MAP
Let's get lost
Keith Gallasch, The MAP Symposium

RealTime @ MAP
MAP references

RealTime @ MAP
Mapping the in-between
Erin Brannigan, MAP Symposium

RealTime @ MAP
Mystery points
Simon Ellis, Dance Creation 98

RealTime @ MAP
Shadow boxing?
Philipa Rothfield, MAP Symposium

RealTime @ MAP
Tests of the time
Zsuzsanna Soboslay, Mixed Metaphor Week Two

RealTime @ MAP
Ways of speaking
Erin Brannigan, Collaborations forum, The Australian Ballet

RealTime @ MAP
When worlds collide
Elizabeth Drake, DW98, Dance Works, forum,

Aesthetic positionings
Marketing, audiences and reviewing in dance rich Perth trouble Sarah Miller

Another mapping
Zsuzsanna Soboslay feels the textures of Thresholds


Excuse me for staring but...
Maryanne Lynch wonders Which Way’s Up

Fleshmeet, Chunky Move
Keith Gallasch, Virginia Baxter

Territory, One Extra

Three for the road
Kate Fletcher sees Murphy, Koltai and Obarzanek works in Tasdance’s Vital Expression

Vesalii Icones, Patrick Harding Irmer

visual arts

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film & screen culture

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+onscreen media arts

Steven Ball negotiates the rules of the game in British Bulldogs

Cutting the new media umbilicus
Melbourne Film Festival’s Mousetrap prompts Darren Tofts to revise the language of the new media arts

Story spaces
Dean Kiley’s critical guide to the shapes of hyperfiction

Two cultures divided
Ned Rossiter queries the Tissue Culture & Art Project, Stage One

The AFC’s <stuff-art> program compels Kevin Murray to consider the future of art on the net

Write sites
Kirsten Krauth looks at words on the net