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realtime 45

Oct-Nov 2001


RT post
Censorship: the restricted adult
Tina Kaufman, Sydney

editorial - rt45
Innovation, creative industries & an election


special features

The Arts: What's Next?: Globalisation + Art + Cultural Difference Conference
Identity, being-together, destiny...contingent
Grisha Dolgopolov

The Arts: What's next?
Innovation: maps & distribution
Terry Cutler in discussion with Sarah Miller, Alessio Cavallaro, Linda Wallace & Keith Gallasch

Woman on the verge
Melissa Madden Gray, actor, singer, dancer, choreographer


A fish out of water
Mary-Ann Robinson: Back to Back, Fishman

A Turkish-Australian dilemma
Antonia Baldo talks to Keith Gallasch

Archiving the useful & useless
Rachel Fensham: Neil Thomas & Katy Bowman, Museum of Modern Oddities

Doing a Foreman
Keith Gallasch: Kitchen Sink, My Head Was a Sledgehammer

Punched out
Keith Gallasch: CIA, Punch

Shopping & history: new Australian plays
Noel Purdon: Vitalstatistix, Jennifer in Security

Skinflick: almost magic
Philipa Rothfield

Strategies for a theatre at risk & in decay
Richard Murphet: Theatre @ Risk, Theatre in Decay

Tangling with the tango
Keith Gallasch: Rock’n’Roll Circus, Tango


Dance impro: what's afoot?
Eleanor Brickhill

Searching for clues: Cameron and Parker
Philipa Rothfield: Dance Works, Fraught; Fiona Cameron, Looking for a Life Cure

The body twice
Keith Gallasch: Jonathan Sinatra, Burning In

Treading on critic's toes
Josephine Wilson: Lavers & Burrt, Nervous

visual arts

A stitch in time
Virginia Baxter: Barbara Campbell, The Machine, oiled again

Arterial Group: the big charge
Keith Gallasch

Chains of inference and connotation
Jena Woodburn: Hart & Popperwell, The Cloak Room

Desert discotheque
Diana Klaosen: Fassih Keiso, Not Only Skins and Fabric

Doc Art
Sandy Edwards: Leica/CCP Documentary Photography Exhibition + Award

Filipino high kitsch with crab creole & politics
Anne Ooms: Fassih Keiso, Semena Santa Cruxtation

Full house
Sarah Minney: Sam Small, Open Inspection

Melbourne artist-run spaces: fighting fit
Daniel Palmer

Red Fern reckonings
Cassi Plate: Reckonings

Space odysseys: light visions
Adam Geczy

Tactical loops…from the inner circle
Felena Alach & Bec Dean

The outsider gallery
Alex Gawronski

Wheatbelt town goes global
Sarah Miller: Shigeaki Iwai, IASKA


Power music
Keith Gallasch

QBFM review excerpts
Loops & Topology, Australian Art Orchestra, Australian Art Orchestra, Anumadutchi, ELISION, Orkest de Volharding, Lisa Moore, Michael Kieran Harvey, Paul Grabowsky

An orchestra of speakers
Bruce Mowson: Immersion 2

Boys, toys, pleasing noise
Gail Priest: Static Museum.two

Dark Matter between Australia and Norway
Daryl Buckley talks to Keith Gallasch

Geology's musical avatars
Jonathan Marshall

The colour of opera
Jonathan Marshall: Teorema, Chamber Made

Waveform: Up to scratch

Women's music: different architectures
Zsuzsanna Soboslay: National Festival of Women’s Music

film & screen culture

Prizes & Projections 2001: the shorts
Culturally complex fictions
Needeya Islam

Prizes & Projections 2001: the industry
$92.7m: the morning after
Tina Kaufman

Prizes & Projections 2001: the features
Caught in the arthouse outhouse
Mike Walsh

Prizes & Projections 2001: the features
The struggle for cineliteracy
Jane Mills

Prizes & Projections 2001: the documentaries
Of subjects and endings
Catherine Gough-Brady

Prizes & Projections 2001: animation
Animation: testing technique
Daniel Crooks

Prizes & Projections 2001
Prizes & Projections 2001 Introduction
2001 Emirates AFI Awards, the films, the issues

Digital grit: SAPFF translations
Kirsten Krauth

Film reviews
Tatiana Pentes, Chris Reid: Before Night Falls & Adelaide shorts; Raw Meat and Radio; Ex Post Facto; Girls on Loos; Derph

Melbourne Film Festival: doing Asia proud
Mike Walsh

OnScreen news

WriteStuff: Chopper
Hunter Cordaiy

+onscreen media arts

Working the Screen 2001
Australian new media artists in Next Wave Down Under

MAAP01: new media in excess
Kim Machan talks to Keith Gallasch

OnScreen news

Virtual VR immersion at MIFF
Alexandra Meagher

WriteSites: school with no rules
Jo Gray