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realtime 49

June-July 2002


RT49 Editorial
Failures of imagination


Online exclusive
High beam: Beyond the performance/therapy axis
Lalita McHenry

Next Wave: future tense
Dialects of music & image
Keith Gallasch on Argot

Next Wave: future tense
Existential hitch-hiking
Jaye Early on Human/Machine/Landscape

Next Wave: future tense
Haunting messages
Eve Vincent on Ab-normal

Next Wave: future tense
Inside the beast
Leanne Hall on Journey to Con-fusion #3

Next Wave: future tense
Love bout
Ghita Loebenstein on Bumping Heads

Next Wave: future tense
Off-screen primetime
Ghita Loebenstein on Prime Time

Next Wave: future tense
Overview: Next Wave
Keith Gallasch

Next Wave: future tense
Potential versus perfection
Keith Gallasch on Designer Child

Next Wave: future tense
Spiritual projections
Keith Gallasch on Show Me the Way to Go Home

Next Wave: future tense
The comic goods
Katy Stevens on Comic Book Lifestyle

Next Wave: future tense
Untamed and trapped
Vanessa Rowell on Journey to Con-fusion #3

Next Wave: future tense
Viet Boys: whose crisis?
Clara Tran on The Viet Boys from Down Under

special features

Small to Medium Sector
Size matters: the Small to Medium sector issues
Keith Gallasch & Virginia Baxter

Art & Activism
The artist and the refugee: tooling up for action
Bec Dean

Featured Artist: Christopher Brown
Keith Gallach, Ghita Loebenstein

Obituary: Neil Roberts
Deborah Clark

Remembrance: Colin Hood
McKenzie Wark


New Territories, Glasgow
From ice cream wars to retro-futurism
Edward Scheer writes from Glasgow

Festival city's tour of shame
Pamela Zeplin

Identifying with the refugee
Kerrie Schaefer

On the cross-cultural beach
Margaret Bradley

Time and the theatre fix
Keith Gallasch


The Rosalind Crisp interview: Part 2
On the other side of dancing
Erin Brannigan

All in the execution
Jonathan Marshall: Chunky Move, Wanted: Australia’s Most Wanted

Dancing Metaphysics
Philipa Rothfield: Shelley Lasica, History Situation

Finding place with dance
Indija Mahjoeddin: Cheryl Stock, Here/There/Then/Now

Life-sized dance
Kerrie Schaefer: Julie-Anne Long, Miss XL

New bodies in the house
Gail Priest: Studio, Dance Tracks #1 & #2

New home, new media, new moves
Erin Brannigan interviews Gideon Obarzanek

Smart's the word, quick's the action
Virginia Baxter: Studio dance program

visual arts

Hobart's L-shaped room
Diana Klaosen

In the archive of everything
Virginia Baxter

Like a thump on the head
Michael Douglas

Place and aura
Liz Bradshaw

SEEN: Visual Arts
Daniel Palmer, Diana Klaosen, Anne Ooms, Jena Woodburn, Bec Dean


REV Festival - online exlcusives
Roving concert: sensory exploits
Greg Hooper

REV Festival - online exclusive
(R)everse (E)ngineering (V)irtual Fabrications
Keith Armstrong

REV festival - online exclusive
fabrique: after the revolution
Richard Wilding

REV festival - online exclusive
Making instruments, ears, audiences
Gail Priest surveys the issues and events of the REV Festival

REV festival - online exclusive
Room to move: David Toop
Greg Hooper

Online exclusive
Oven-Garde: Lap-toppers can dance
Bruce Mowson

Avant-garde plus and minus
Greg Hooper

Chartering the landscape of time and space
John Potts

New frequencies
caleb k.

That business with the cat
Laura Ginters

Toplogy: musical systems
Greg Hooper

Unexpected musics
Andrew Beck & Bryce Moore

film & screen culture

AFI Distribution closes - where do the films go?
Tina Kaufman

"The liberated showroom"*
Cassi Plate interviews Janet Merewether

HKIFF: Fantasy, pain and profit
Mike Walsh

Independent pleasures
Felena Alach

Not really REAL
Simon Enticknap

Panic Room & The Others: Home sinister home
Wendy Haslem

Liz Bradshaw, Simon Enticknap, Keith Gallasch, Keith Gallasch, Barbara Karpinski

SOON: Film

+onscreen media arts

Ozlit online: high impact, low interactivity
Dean Kiley

Multiplying options
Megan Heyward talks to Mike Leggett

SOON: media arts

The language of cinescripture
Darren Tofts