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realtime 51

Oct-Nov 2002


Online exclusive
Big in Japan: where does the swing take you?
Gail Priest

New Media Scan 2002: performance & dance
Part 1: Smoothing the visceral/virtual mix
Keith Gallasch & Virginia Baxter

Blast Theory in Australia
RealTime talks to Blast Theory

Closed circuit
Keith Gallasch

Dare to dive
Sue Moss

La Mama: psycho-physical
Jonathan Marshall

Performative re-assemblings
Virginia Baxter

Suburban dream machines
RT talks with Joey Ruigrok van der Werven

Was this what you wanted?
Keri Glastonbury, Christen Cornell


Online exclusive
“I ain’t goin’ bionic!”
Jonathan Marshall: Fiona Cameron, Carlee Mellow, Inhabited

Online exclusive
Akram Khan’s Kaash: the release of energy
Keith Gallasch: Akram Khan, Kaash

Online exclusive
Between art and dance
Philipa Rothfield: 45 Downstairs, Focus 4, Tracie Mitchell, Under the Weather

Online exclusive
Go, Girl! Bebe Miller talking choreography
Rachel Fensham talks with Bebe Miller

Online exclusive
Improvisation & the thickening of time
Zsuzsanna Soboslay: Australian Choreographic Centre, Precipice

Online exclusive
Phillip Adams: seriously playful
Jonathan Marshall: Balletlab, Endling ‘Self-Encasing’ Trilogy: Part #1

visual arts

Online exclusive
Nighshift: Did I dream this...?
Keith Gallasch

New Media Scan 2002: Visual Arts
A quiet consensus
Ann Morrison

A slippery view
Katrina Simmons

Flesh Winnow
Catriona Moore

Liquid, light, hair
Keri Glastonbury

Leanne Amodeo


Online exclusive
What did you say?
Jonathan Marshall: What is music? Melbourne

Online exclusive
With ears pinned back...
Gail Priest: What is music? Sydney

New Media Scan 2002: sound, music
Looping forward:the analogue/digital dialogue
Gail Priest

Abandon Sight Ye Who Enter Here
Keith Armstrong on Inferno

Capsis takes Vienna
Alex Galeazzi & Panos Couros

Political tangos
Greg Hooper

The Night Air: value-added radio
Kevin Murray

film & screen culture

Prizes & Projections: AFI Awards 2002: short fictions
Well-crafted male angst
Cassi Plate

Prizes & Projections: AFI Awards 2002: documentaries
All the right steps
Simon Enticknap

Prizes & Projections: 2002 AFI Awards: short animations
The view from the child
Keith Gallasch

Prizes & Projections: 2002 AFI Awards: feature films
Under a cloud
Mike Walsh

New Media Scan: Film
Sometimes it goes like this...
Hunter Cordaiy

4 young filmmakers
Ghita Loebenstein

Cinema diplomacy
David Varga

Dear Editors

Middle-Eastern film: Sleepers awake!
Danni Zuvela

Shoot! Experimentation in retrospect
Dirk de Bruyn

+onscreen media arts

New Media Scan 2002: Indigenous arts
Part 1: Digital strategies
Christine Nicholls

New Media Scan 2002
...machine dreaming?
Chris Reid & Jena Woodburn

New Media Scan 2002
BEAP: art in the lab?
Stephen Jones

New Media Scan 2002
BEAP: interactions, intersections
Melinda Rackham

New Media Scan 2002
Making art, opinion, money
Keith Gallasch

New Media Scan 2002
My brain hurts
Ian Haig

New Media Scan 2002
New media, Newcastle Electrofringe
Keith Gallasch

New Media Scan 2002
Prototype's interactive pleasure machines
Lisa Gye

New Media Scan 2002
Right place, right time?
Jean Poole reviews Future Active

New Media Scan 2002
Sources & events

New Media Scan 2002
Strategies for Tactical Media
McKenzie Wark

New Media Scan 2002
The return of time
James Robertson