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realtime 52

Dec-Jan 2002



Sydney Festival preview
Vision and remembrance
Keith Gallasch talks to Max Lyandvert

Melbourne Fringe: Online exclusive
Sounding off in the theatre
Jonathan Marshall on The Ennio Morricone Experience, Margaret Trail and The eleventh Hour

Melbourne Fringe: Online exclusive
Witch craft: the Fringe and beyond
Richard Murphet on Red Stitch, James Brennan, Impro Melbourne

Melbourne Festival: Online exclusive
Love in the Age of Therapy
Keith Gallasch

Melbourne Festival: Online exclusive
The Castelluci interview: The Angel of Art is Lucifer
Jonathan Marshall

Melbourne Festival
Cinnabar Field
Philipa Rothfield: Trevor Patrick, Cinnibar Field

Melbourne Festival
Fire, Fire, Burning Bright
Jonathan Marshall

Melbourne Festival
Genesi: From the Museum of Sleep
Richard Murphet

Melbourne Festival
Jonathan Marshall

Melbourne Festival
Keith Gallasch

Melbourne Festival
Margaret Leng Tan
Jonathan Marshall

Melbourne Festival
Mill Quitientos Metros Sobre El Nivel De Jack
Keith Gallasch

Melbourne Festival
Philipa Rothfield: Helen Herbertson, Morphia

Melbourne Festival
Recent Experiences
Keith Gallasch

Melbourne Festival
The Light Room
Keith Gallasch: Company in Space, The Light Room

Melbourne Festival
Tinka's New Dress
Keith Gallasch

Melbourne Festival
Total Masala Slammer
Philipa Rothfield

Artrage 2002
Space excursions
Felena Alach

special features

no content


Online exclusive
Benedict Andrews: self, style & vision
Keith Gallasch

Online exclusive
Legs on the Wall: Needing a leg up
Keith Gallasch

Online exclusive
Melbourne Workers' Theatre: how to connect?
Jonathan Marshall

Online exclusive
Sidetrack's Pessoa: a dream life
Keith Gallasch

Online exclusive
Troppo Obscura: The postcolonial eye
Keith Gallasch

New Media Scan 2002: performance & dance part 2
Pulling digital strings
Keith Gallasch & Virginia Baxter

Doll madness
Douglas Leonard

Enabling art
Lalita McHenry

National Review of Live Art: blood lines
Keith Gallasch

Obituary: Kuo Pao Kun
Robert Draffin


Online exclusive
De Quincey Co: ghostings
Keith Gallasch: De Quincey Co, Shiver

Online exclusive
lucy guerin: between temperature & temperament
jonathan marshall, rt52

Antistatic 2002
Border dancing
Keri Glastonbury: Antistatic 2002

Antistatic 2002
Introduction: Feeding the need
Keith Gallasch: Antistatic 2002

Antistatic 2002
Moving right along
Erin Brannigan: Antistatic 2000

Antistatic 2002
Niche #2: a salon performance
Erin Brannigan: Antistatic 2002

Expectation and revelation
Philipa Rothfield: Lucy Guerin Inc, Melt

From impulse to form and community
Christina Shepard: Cracking It Open

From under the skin
Julie-Anne Long: Dean Walsh, Flesh: Memo

Life dancer
Barbara Karpinski talks to Dean Walsh

Night moves
Zsuzsanna Soboslay: Wendy Morrow, Sleep

Struggles at the dance-technology interface
Zsuzsanna Soboslay: Sarah Neville, Ada

visual arts

Online exclusive
Last rites: inspirational installation
Bec Dean

Online exclusive
Maree Azzopardi: final rituals
Lycia Danielle Trouton

Featured Artist
Rebecca Ann Hobbs

Barbara Campbell: a body of/at work
Jacqueline Millner

Borderpanic remedies
Grisha Dolgopolov

First Floor: swansong for a scene maker
Lucinda Strahan

Mike Parr: internet performance
Adam Geczy

The artful divas
Julianne Pierce


Before and after electricity
Greg Hooper

Liza Lim: instrumental imaginings
Richard Wilding

MAKE IT NOW: the impro revolution
RealTime talks to Clayton Thomas

New music in Sydney: a lively corpse?
Harriet Cunningham

Outcastings: DIY radio
Samara Mitchell

Relaxing into joyousness
Chris Reid

The flow of fragile forces
Gail Priest talks with Colin Black

film & screen culture

A filmmaker's Brisbane: independence or not?
Danni Zuvela

ACMI: Digital comfort

Community television: alive and kicking
Tina Kaufman

Out of the dark
Adelaide's International Film Festival

Pixilated reality
Joni Taylor talks to Michael Bates

Projections from the mind's eye
Keith Gallasch

+onscreen media arts

New Media Scan: Indigenous arts part 2
Digital indigeneity
Christine Nicholls

Digital lab, new works in development
Ross Gibson and Kate Richards Life After WarTime

Electrofringe 2002: art and other dirty words
Gail Priest

Eurovision time-travelling
Linda Wallace's Eurovision

New articulations
Keith Gallasch