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realtime 58

Dec-Jan 2003


Editorial RT 58
The ABC—sick at art


Sydney Festival 2004
Welcome challenges, desired seductions
Keith Gallasch

Melbourne Festival
Contaminating bodies, existential dances
Jonathan Marshall: Melbourne Festival dance

Melbourne Festival
Fabre and the anxiety of formlessness
Richard Murphet

Melbourne Festival
Of style and substance
Jonathan Marshall

Melbourne Festival
The illuminating presence
Philipa Rothfield: Melbourne Festival dance

KunstenFestivaldesArts, Brussels
Time, intimate and epic
Lucy Taylor

Carnivale 2003
Across great divides
Keith Gallasch

Carnivale 2003
Consensual transgressions
Gail Priest

2004 Adelaide Festival: Adelaide Biennial
Photomedium as message
Chris Reid

special features


Dramaturgy Now: Dramaturgies II
Working the weave
Keith Gallasch, Virginia Baxter

A Shakespearean Mix
Mary Ann Hunter

Bondi's Live Bait: the adult hook
Keith Gallasch

Death for the living
Leah Mercer

Falling into place
Virginia Baxter

Open mind, wide open
Samara Mitchell


Online exclusive
Immaculate melding
Keith Gallasch

Dancers are Space Eaters
Novel realities, new dance
David Fussell

Dancers are Space Eaters
The art of articulation
Josephine Wilson

Inner Utopias
Helen Omand

visual arts

Venice Biennale
All things hybrid, recombinant and mutant
Ian Haig

Imprints of seduction
Diana Klaosen

Video + Art = ?
RealTime-Performance Space Forum


QBFM 2003
Elision, Burning House
Chris Reid

QBFM 2003
Ethereal Voices, The Music of Einojuhani Rautavaara
Chris Reid

QBFM 2003
Heiner Goebbels, Surrogate Cities
Chris Reid

QBFM 2003
Liquid Architecture 4
Greg Hooper

QBFM 2003
Meredith Monk, Mercy
Robert Davidson

QBFM 2003
Meredith Monk, Mercy
Gail Priest

QBFM 2003
New music wins!
Keith Gallasch

QBFM 2003
The Big Percussion Concert 1
Jim Chapman

QBFM 2003
The Big Percussion Concert 2
Keith Gallasch

Cosmic views; new music in Sydney
Keith Gallasch

Rather raging demons than hollow angels
Jonathan Marshall

Seeds, particles, resonances
Keith Gallasch

film & screen culture

Watchdog: Censorship
Fridge magnets for media emergencies
Katharine Neil

2003 AFI Awards: Short Fiction Film
Looking for a sense of place
Dan Edwards

2003 AFI Awards: Documentary
Stillness and motion, light and shade
Simon Enticknap

2003 AFI Awards: Animation
Where's the competition?
Keith Gallasch

2003 AFI Awards : Feature Films
Year of the piss take
Mike Walsh

A tough fairness
Simon Enticknap

Doing it the Melbourne Way
Simon Sellars

Recording ecstasy
Zsuzsanna Soboslay

The film art of going to pieces
Daniel Edwards talks with Louise Curham

WA screen culture: the good news
Richard Sowada

Walkabout: seeking the silenced voice
Alexis Wright

Watching and listening: didjeridu documentary
Keith Gallasch

+onscreen media arts