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realtime 68

Aug-Sept 2005



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special features

Postgrad [R]evolution: Visual art
The DCA: Sensorial and intellectual
Jo-Anne Duggan

Postgrad [R]evolution: Theatre & Performance
The brain shifts gear
Jane Woollard

Postgrad [R]evolution: Supervision
Keeping the degree creative
Richard Vella

Postgrad [R]evolution: Sound
Sound practice, sound thesis
Julian Knowles

Postgrad [R]evolution: New media art
The creative degree as interface
Christy Dena

Postgrad [R]evolution: Music
Making music- art, research or both?
Helen Lancaster

Postgrad [R]evolution: Issues
Terrible twins: art & the academy
Yuji Sone

Postgrad [R]evolution: Film
The rise of the workshop class
Karen Pearlman

Postgrad [R]evolution: Documentary filmmaking
Cinema for thinkers
Steve Thomas

Postgrad [R]evolution: Dance
Beyond silence
Erin Brannigan

The MA novel in the world
Michelle Moo

The OnScreen Course Guide: Filmmaking & Screen Studies


Sydney performance
Duplicity, complicity, hybridity
Keith Gallasch

Melbourne International Arts Festival
Forced Entertainment: what a concept
Chris Kohn

Enlightened by nightmares
John Bailey

Evolving the artist
Richard Murphet

Pain: metaphors and melodrama
Josephine Wilson

The art of life support
Jonathan Marshall

The challenges of emergence
Bryoni Trezise

The full Bunyip
Mary Ann Robinson


Death danced around and through
John Bailey: Naree Vachananda, Opposite My House is a Funeral Parlour

Nerve 9 goes national

Strange beasts
Keith Gallasch: De Quincey Company, FIVE short solos, One Extra, Narelle Benjamin, Dean Walsh

The liberated work place
Jonathan Marshall: Buzz Theatre, The Pretender

visual arts