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realtime 72

April-May 2006



AC Dickson: Rising up to the challenge of his rivals
Niki Russell on eBay selling as performance

Carolyn Wright: Conversational miscues
When Winnie Love met Carolyn Wright

David Weber-Krebs: Risk realised
Virginia Baxter

Deborah Pollard: The art of sleeping
Marie-Anne Mancioon repose as installation

Duncan Speakman: Echo Location

Gob Squad: What does it mean to be a Vampire?
Niki Russell at the Gob Squad lecture

Monika Tichacek: The threads that bind
Ruth Holdsworth in the dark world of The Shadowers

Nurturing Risk Forum: The business of risk
Marie-Anne Mancio at the Nurturing Risk forum

Rosie Dennis: One from the heart
Winnie Love in the Rosie Dennis loop

The Special Guests: Life on the line
Marie-Anne Mancio

THIS SECRET LOCATION - George Khut: Cyborg dancing
Tim Atack inside George Khut’s Cardiomorphologies

This Secret Location Symposium: The visceral and the virtual

Uninvited Guests: The art of wounding
Marie-Anne Mancio faces up to Univited Guests

special features

The Australia-UK connection
RealTime at Arnolfini’s contemporary arts festival, Bristol UK


Empire and moon
Stephen Carleton welcomes on-stage sci-fi

Growing performance: networks & niches
Keith Gallasch surveys new opportunities for contemporary performance

New visions, forms unfamiliar
John Bailey on recent Melbourne performance

The empty spaces, 21 C
Jonathan Marshall at the Perth International Arts Festival

The power of objects and public places.
Sue Moss interviews Jim Lasko and Australian collaborators


Dance for the new century
Jonathan Bollen on the ADT and Random engagement with robotics

No reluctance to speak
Linda Walker enters William Forsythe’s atmospheres

Spaces between
Philipa Rothfield on an Australian-Japanese collaboration

Unpacking south Pacific fantasies
Mary Ann Hunter at Polytoxic’s first full-length show

Written: body, culture, history
Keith Gallasch at Onextra’s Solo Series #2

visual arts

Melancholies various
Mireille Juchau on images and moods at the ACP

New art, new Cambodia
Suzanne Spunner at Visual Arts Open, Phnom Penh

Partaking of a wider world
Sydney Biennale Artistic Director Charles Merewether interviewed by Jacqueline Millner


Edison's children
Gail Priest on Sound+Electricity

Exhumations: Traversing sound art and music
Ben Byrne responds to Nigel Helyer’s critique of laptop performance

Impro: ethical, musical and now
Shannon O’Neill at the NOW now

Innovations for the ear
Samara Mitchell engages with Project 3

Urban, aural, visceral
Chris Reid hears Dead Horse in the Meat Market

film & screen culture

Africa's problem: Europe
Dan Edwards experiences Darwin’s Nightmare

AIDC 2006: Active recall, archive power
Carmela Baranowska on John Hughes and the Realist Film Organisation

Articulating silence
Robert Lort on Philip Brophy’s Aurévélateur

Dance cinema, cinematic dance
Karen Pearlman surveys the 2006 ReelDance finalists

Democrazy: Thai film, art, new media
David Teh interviews festival co-director Gridthiya Gaweewong

Disputed models for better films
Hamish Ford at the IndiVision Screenings 06

Empathy in intolerant times
Keith Gallasch previews the Festival of German Film 2006

Long life of the short take
Sandy Cameron on Adelaide Fringe film

+onscreen media arts

Condition: interface anxiety
Kate Vickers sees Super Vision at the Perth Festival

Digital experimentation: cultural reciprocity
David Cranswick talks to RealTime about D>Art 06

Ever evolving intmate transactions
Transmute Collective’s unique interactive work on tour

Queer spill
Barbara Bolt at Midsumma’s Liquid Aesthetics

Querying the Commomwealth
Darren Tofts on media art at ACMI

Robotic mimicry
Chris Reid sees Chico MacMurtrie’s birds take wing

The swarming crowd
Rhana Devenport on Cicada’s MOB

Your story: your medium
Christy Dena at the Digital Storytelling Conference