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realtime 73

June-July 2006



Next Wave
Cowboys & crowds
Philipa Rothfield at Next Wave dance

Next Wave
Minus the special effects
Christian Thompson encounters Next Wave Mind Games

Next Wave
Taken to the streets
Dan Mackinlay mit map tracks Next Wave’s public art

Next Wave
The power of intimacy
John Bailey is impressed by the next wave of performance

Brisbane Festival
Something for everyone, and more
Jeremy Eccles on Lyndon Terracini’s big picture Brisbane Festival

Fire and blood—Indonesian performance art
Jan Cornall at Perfurbance#2, Jogjakarta

shopping & th**king
Barbara Bolt shops at spat & loogie’s new!shop

special features

no content


New media consolations
Stephen Carleton at The Physics Project

Surrealism's progeny: grim beauties
Emma McRae witnesses an international performance collaboration

The light at the end of a long tunnel
Keith Gallasch on Sydney Performance

The luminous nightmare of Marius von Mayenburg
Keith Gallasch talks with Benedict Andrews, director of Eldorado

The time being
Neal Harvey inspects Circa’s Timepieces I-IV

We who get slapped
Douglas Leonard at The Clown from Snowy River


Between frottage and horseplay
Jonathan Marshall at Perth’s Strut 06

Obsessed with the fold
Sophie Travers talks to BalletLab’s Phillip Adams

Solo power: recharged, refocused
Erin Brannigan talks with Brian Lucas

The slippery path
Erin Brannigan follows choreographer-filmmaker Sue Healey’s creative journey

Weightless watchers
John Bailey has a new experience of dance in Simon Ellis' Inert

visual arts

Berlin: art, technology, mice and men
Michael Connor at the 4th Berlin Biennial and The Treasures Project

Dark flowering
Sasha Grbich is seduced and disturbed by Bloom’s beauty

Growing art, shaping perception
Diana Klaosen at Hobart’s Inflight

How the time flies
Sven Knudsen on Rebecca Horn’s lo-tech innovations

Into the void
Briony Downes finds something more than Apparently Nothing

Off the wall
Greg Moore steps into CCAS’s hybrid nights


Acoustic essences
Gail Priest experiences Mistral at Artspace

Alchemical pianism
Michael Hannan listens to Lisa Moore play in Byron Bay

Art & empathy: music & murder
Keith Gallasch talks with composer Andrée Greenwell

Head music, hard splatter
Jonathan Marshall at Club Zho

Hear and now: Terry Riley in Australia
Greg Hooper

Memories of buildings and other ghosts
Stephen Jones remembers What Survives

Sound around and about

The apocalyptic interior
John Bailey at Chamber Made Opera’s corRUPTION

The music that dances
Keith Gallasch welcomes the Sonic Art Ensemble

The rich yield of the law of the minimum
Artistic director Daryl Buckley talks to Keith Gallasch

film & screen culture

A telling silence
Dan Edwards on ABC TV’s continuing struggle with drama

Competeing addictions: love and heroin
Anna Zagala on the Candy experience

Documentaries to go
Catherine Gough-Brady on delivering film by phone

Emerging Chinese Cinema
Mike Walsh at the 2006 Hong Kong Film Festival

Experimental film: obits exaggerated
Jim Knox at the OtherFilm Festival, Brisbane

Inhabited by images and sounds
Tim Welfare talks with visiting Lebanese video artist Akram Zaatari

Meticulous compositions in time
Dan Edwards on the cinema of Jean-Pierre Melville

Playing by the rules
Sandy Cameron reviews Ten Canoes

Revelation 2006: the global view
Pip Christmass talks to festival director Richard Sowada

The body in the body of work
Ben Convey on David Cronenberg's defiance of genre

+onscreen media arts

Art machine evolution
Mike Leggett

As happy as a pig in art
Darren Tofts talks dirty with artist Ian Haig

Digital dialectics
Samara Mitchell

Nurturing media art in the regions
Gail Priest surveys some of the emerging producers from the EPIC program

Play for fun, play for enlightenment
Experimenta Under the Radar tours to the UK

The art of performance: online and alive
A conversation between Barbara Campbell and Cynthia Troup about 1001 nights cast

Transdisciplinary publishing
Lisa Gye reports on the Hard Copy forum

Women whisper secrets
Virginia Baxter on gins_leap / dubb_speak