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realtime 75

Oct-Nov 2006


Why not just burn the town down?


Straight Out Of Brisbane
Under the city's skin
Dan Mackinlay seeks out SOOB

Melbourne International Arts Festival
The journey: expansion and implosion
Adam Broinowski meets MIAF’s Japanese guests

Brisbane Festival
Celebration of transformation
Stephen Carleton on a multimedia realisation of Johnno

Brisbane Festival
Regenerative inversions
Douglas Leonard

Brisbane Festival
The body transported & transformed
Mary Ann Hunter experiences Cheryl Stock’s Accented Body

An impetus to innovate
Jonathan Marshall talks to Artrage’s Marcus Canning

Internet incarnate
Danni Zuvela talks to Kim Machan, Thea Baumann & Van Sowerwine

Melbourne International Arts Festival: Inside out/outside in
Sophie Travers talks to Lucy Guerin about 2 new festival works

special features


A murderous month in the country
Fiona Sprott on the evolution of a new performance

Action art against all odds
Fiona McGregor at Poland’s Interakcje 8

Body Imperfect
Susan Reid sees Bonemap’s Future Perfect

Handme that crowbar
Maryrose Cuskelly talks with Full Tilt’s Vanessa Pigrum

Labyrinths of myth
Tony Reck at The Habib Show

Murder in the theatre
Jonathan Marshall sees BSX-Theatre and Vitalstatistix

Perspective on power and perception
Keith Gallasch at moving and challenging performances

Several degrees of separation
Keith Gallasch talks with STC artistic director Robyn Nevin

We're all in this kitchen
Tony Reck at Kathleen Mary Fallon's Buyback


Courageous lover, great imagineer
Garry Lester on Douglas Wright’s Black Milk

Dancing in the folds
Christopher Scanlon on BalletLab’s Origami

Darwin's evolution
Jane Hampson at Track’s Mr Big

Small beginnings
Jonathan Bollen at ADT’s Ignition 6

The ambiguities of ambition
Lucy Shepherd sees a Sydney youth dance initiative

visual arts

Artists invade history
Daniel Palmer inspects the renovations at Elizabeth Bay House

Ballen speaks
Keith Gallasch

In the body of the beholder
Elena Galimberti on performance and video

Not diving, falling
Jane Deeth experiences Brigita Ozolin’s The Gorge

The blind leading
Sasha Grbich experiences some shifts in perception


Confined and released
Chris Reid finds himself in escape-proof architecture

Fast, furious, fleeting
Gail Priest experiences the last moments of Pelt

Into the overtones
Keith Gallasch at Ensemble Offspring’s Whirlwind of Time

Singing the unheroic hero
Chris Reid at Chambermade's new opera, The Hive

Sound bodies
Tony Osborne samples Sydney’s Liquid Architecture 7

Sounds improbable, sounds remarkable
Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela at Brisbane’s Liquid Architecture 7

Synaethesia for all
Samara Mitchell at the Australasian Computer Music Conference

film & screen culture

Melbourne International Film Festival
Nordic thrills and other good shorts
Simon Sellars on MIFF’s shorts program

Melbourne International Film Festival
War for real: drama & documentary
Rose Capp on MIFF’s Middle East program

Matthew Clayfield celebrates the death of cinema

Hidden: a film for our time
Hamish Ford on Michael Haneke’s Hidden

In the pleasure dome
Erik Roberts on planetarium cinema

Magical, micro, experimental and underground
Anna Arabindan-Kesson at the 9th Revelation Film Festival

Matthew Barney: cinema under review
At ACMI Ben Convey reflects on the Barney impact

What the listener sees
Lisa Stefanoff talks with sound recordist & director David Tranter

+onscreen media arts

Contagious diseases, virulent truths
Media artist Gina Czarnecki shares some thoughts with Erin Brannigan

Knit two together
Shady Cosgrove visits Catherine Fargher's BioHome

New Wark vectors
Darren Tofts talks books with McKenzie Wark

Space voyages and neonatal nightmares
Varga Hosseini journeys into the art of Peter Hennessey

The art of mobile phone empathy
Esther Milne on Larissa Hjorth’s Portrait of the Mobile

Time sliced, perception shifted
Mike Leggett