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realtime 78

April-May 2007



ten days on the island
leigh hobba – the space of presence: time spans
judith abell

ten days on the island
port arthur project: sites unseen
bec tudor

ten days on the island
queen of the snakepit: stories, shandies and supersnakes
lucy hawthorne

ten days on the island
realtime on the island

ten days on the island
the write/here project: signs of the times
judith abell

special features

urban theatre projects
urban theatre projects: urgent agendas
jo litson on UTP then, now and next

sydney performance
another time now
keith gallasch in the worlds of patrick white and ronnie burkett

michael kieran harvey
an experiment in life at the piano
danielle carey & michael kieran harvey talk art, science, politics...

mirror stories: the implicated audience
john bailey immersed in anna tregloan’s black

international - forced entertainment
radical theatre of failure
christine evans on forced entertainment in vancouver & dublin

International BFI
twixt black box & white cube
fabienne nicholas at the new BFI southbank, london

australian centre for photography
acp: photography speaks up
keith gallasch talks with alasdair foster & bec dean

japan media arts festival
the cool of artertainment
cat jones works through the japan media arts festival


online exclusive
the body written, recollected, haunted
jonathan marshall on perth festival performance

online exclusive
the wrong mr right
jonathan bollen is enaged by unreasonable adults

a loving punch-up
adam jasper at performance space’s night time #1

a shared madness
tony reck at la mama for kit lazaroo’s asylum

history too innocent
christopher scanlon on melissa reeves’ the spook

obituary: lindzee smith
richard murphet

out of the underworld
sue moss witnesses lucy wilson’s ascent

who is this man?

working that european thing
jonathan bollen on recent performance in adelaide


2007 singapore arts festival

a vertiginous theatre
doug leonard is moved by clare dyson’s absence(s)

crossing the divide
karen pearlman at the new york dance on camera festival

dancing at the interface
erin brannigan in barcelona for iDN

doubly emergent
chunky move’s glow at the studio

setting boundaries, combating fear
jan cornall on martin del amo’s new work

to learn again to adventure
sophie travers interviews new york’s miguel gutierrez

unnerving and uncanny
jonathan marshall takes in strut and skadada

visual arts

indoors and out there
dan mackinlay tests the raunch of CCAS’ oomph

seeing what we need to see
bec dean on an activist art gathering in sydney

so artless, so interesting
greg hooper takes in video art at APT5

unmissable marker
owls at noon at the ima


online exclusive
the touch of nations (the companies we keep)
zsuzsanna soboslay at canberra’s multicultural festival

media multiplies opera
jonathan marshall talks to michel van der aa

sitsky's progress
chris reid reviews the way of the seeker

split radio breaks the spell of pop
mimic mass sirens seduce chris reid

subtle assaults
tony osborne at the now now festival

whistling on the way to the apocalypse
chris reid catches a flying horse

film & screen culture

babel, silenced
sofya gollan on deafness in inarritu’s babel

cinemas of possibility
dan edwards on new asian films in aff

films otherwise unseen
the goethe institute’s 2007 festival of german film

genres transcended
sandy cameron on new asian feature films at AFF

lo-budget good health
sandy cameron on new australian films at AFF

of profits and prophets
dan edwards at AIDC 2007

the logic of mediation
megan carrigy at the sydney arab film festival

unpicking the flicks
sasha grbich sees CACSA’s scary movie

wrestling with fandom
keith gallasch in the ring with megan spencer’s lovestruck

+onscreen media arts

online exclusive
the converging of art history and media art
paul thomas reviews oliver grau’s MediaArtHistories

apocalypse near you
darren tofts enters northern void

art vs apparatus
christine collins at EAF’s symposium on the future

but is it washable?
dan mackinlay inspects ANAT’s interactive wearables

imagining the invisible
anna davis on media arts responses to mediatised life

loungeroom critique
joni taylor on linda wallace’s back to berlin

upgrading and evolving
sarah pirrie looks into videdromo 1.5 at 24hr art

word magic: the how of reading
tim wright on the electronic literature collection