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realtime 81

Oct-Nov 2007


editorial rt81
labor party arts policy


news from islands
pacific australia, south-west sydney
news from islands at campbelltown arts centre

the simple fact of merce cunningham
maggi phillips on melbourne festival’s featured guest

manchester international festival
matthew barney meets monkey king
sarah austin connects with the first manchester international festival

gran turismo
nigel helyer does venice, basel, kassel, münster & paris

gerMANY FACES australia
aglow in the dark
keith gallasch in the underworld of german-australian photomedia

festival nusantara
cultural infusion: indonesia in australia
douglas leonard & indija mahjoeddin at festival nusantara in brisbane

nt’s festive season
suzanne spunner at the 2007 darwin festival

special features

rosie dennis
confessions of a fast talker
keith gallasch talks with improviser rosie dennis

oribotics & secondlife

tanja liedtke

lisa o'neill
marvellous mutator
douglas leonard talks with performer lisa o’neill

claire edwardes
loud, soft and with feeling
danielle carey talks percussion with claire edwardes

aphids-realtime reviewer residency
sydney/melbourne 2008

rt81 - giveaways
noise, claire edwardes, robert wilson


online exclusive
pain relief for paranoia
keith gallasch sees major bang at the sydney opera house

online exclusive
stuck pigs squeal incest & sibling rivalry
keith gallasch sucked into the eisteddfod vortex

online exclusive
the body inside and out
kavita bedford sees acrobat's smaller, poorer, cheaper

a game with the works
gail priest lives vicariously through wayfarer

apoplectic apocalypto
tony reck in a world envisioned by angus cerini

as the fur flies
john bailey on plays that provoke

at play in public space
allison gray encounters interpositions at the darwin festival

beyond words
tony reck on tanya chalef’s performance about trauma

deeply abhorrent and utterly entertaining
bryoni trezise looks into version 1.0’s latest inquiry

dvd: almost absolutely robert wilson

last days of raunch at lanfranchi’s
fiona macgregor revels in u little stripper!

more than rabbitting on
jonathan marshall compares some not like becketts

shocking symmetries
keith gallasch braves recent theatre in sydney

to choose or not to choose
bryoni trezise on sidetrack’s indonesian collaboration


online exclusive
testing the tightrope
keith gallasch on andrew morrish and improvisation

dancing cultural time zones
keith gallasch experiences sue healey’s as you take time

gideon obarzanek: after glow
keith gallasch, chunky move’s gideon obarzanek, rt81

magic dance patterning
keith gallasch is captivated by reeldance installations

prediction and predilection
jodie mcneilly sees future tense at the opera house

visual arts

between heaven and hell
amy marjoram enters chesworth-leber’s new work

post aftermath
edward scheer on artspace’s performative installation event

re-casting the apocalypse
jessica wallace listens in on christine collins’ cowboys

steampunk aiming high
briony downes at cast’s infinite empire


elision: musical gaming
greg hooper tunes in at qmf

making music at the interface
dean linguey loops into jolt's interactacon

opera and the primal sublime
douglas leonard on two queensland music festival operas

percussive dance and drama
claire edwardes goes solo on cd

sonic extremeties
gail priest embraces liquid architecture 8, sydney

sound in mind and body
chris reid happily imbibes liquid architecture 8, melbourne

the art of not-listening
andrew harper enrols in tom hall’s sound workshop

unexpected synergies
bernadette ashley at townsville’s see hear now

film & screen culture

online exclusive
kiddie art a con?
kirsten krauth reviews my kid could paint that

adding sound to silents
sydney premiere of murnau’s 1926 faust

avant-home cinema
danni zuvela reviews the shoot shoot shoot dvd

making films politically
zanny begg on the films of hito steyerl

point of view: female
the 2007 wow festival previewed

reinvigorating the most important art
tom redwood at the russian resurrection film festival

small tales and true
simon sellars asseses australian short film at the melbourne film festival

the art of the short short
keith gallasch looks into the AFC’s bit of black business

the power of arab film
danni zuvela & daniel spencer on biff’s arab cinema focus

the sound of noise
keith gallasch listens to matthew saville’s feature film

+onscreen media arts

field of dreams
christian mccrea in experimenta’s playground

new order distribution
keith gallasch at dlux/media/art’s d/art/07 forum

screen worlds
robert lort explores the vernacular terrain at QUT

shopping for interactivity
lisa gye visits melbourne’s wunderkammer

traditional animation, the computer finish
angela ndalianis is seduced by acmi’s pixar exhibition