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realtime 83

Feb-March 2008



puppet power and youth pull
international theatre festivals in australia in 2008

mexico is different…
nigel helyer at the transitio_mx02 festival

sydney festival
a feral universe
keith gallasch transported by chunky move’s mortal engine

sydney festival
a quiet kind of terror
bryoni trezise is witness to aalst

sydney festival
a spontaneous sounding
jodie mcneilly sees lucy guerin’s aether

sydney festival
across minds and cultures
pauline manley sees kathryn dunn’s into

sydney festival
boy spirit
jodie mcneilly is seduced by stephen page’s kin

sydney festival
into other worlds
martin del amo on kathryn dunn’s new solos

sydney festival
lost in translation
martin del amo sees nacho duato’s take on wings of desire

sydney festival
love’s waiting room
david williams all the way with meow meow

sydney festival
power suppressed
david williams on the theatricalised life of the black watch

sydney festival
roads to despair
bryoni trezise at utp’s the last highway

sydney festival
spanish cool
pauline manley contemplates nacho duato's three works

sydney festival
the poetry of ages
keith gallasch contemplates force majeure’s the age i’m in

sydney festival
the waiting game
virginia baxter on shaun parker’s this show is about people

push festival
clark and I somewhere In connecticut: the one who cares
meg walker

push festival
connect: canada and australia
realtime at the push festival of performing arts, vancouver

push festival
glow: analog passion, digital driver
meg walker

push festival
hey girl!: ache and awe
alex ferguson

push festival
instructions for modern living: night fears
anna russell

push festival
my dad, my dog: between worlds
andrew templeton

push festival
my name is rachel corrie: a life resurrected
eleanor hadley kershaw

push festival
palace grand: grand illusion
eleanor hadley kershaw

push festival
palace grand: theatre of the self
andrew templeton

push festival
small metal objects: magic micro culture clash
alex ferguson

push festival
the space between: a triangle of trust
anna russell

it’s happening (again)
theron schmidt on allan kaprow revisited at performa 07

taking it to the streets
mary paterson at performa 07, new york

anti festival
encounters bizarre, elusive & beautiful
panther take in the sites at the anti festival

special features

no content


artists go global
part two of sophie travers’ report on international touring

at play on a digital slippery slope
judith abell engages in terrapin’s explosion therapy

construction as performance
keith gallasch admires the alchemies of cirque ici and volta

gob squad saves the world
australia’s panther at work in berlin

in the dead of night
keith gallasch sees harrower’s blackbird at stc

mission just possible
david williams plays along with powerhouse youth theatre

obituary: jean-pierre voos
clare grant

port adelaide reanimated
sam haren rides into the past with kurruru & vitalstatistix

power dressing
tim atack vibrates to the art of la pocha nostra

states of loss
david williams travels with pact’s lotus eaters

the classic justly undone
john bailey sees red stitch and eleventh hour

the raw materials for change
brink productions collaborates with hossein valamanesh

welsh border crossing
theron schmidt at experimentica 2007, cardiff


dance screen treasure chest
film dances in the opera house for the sydney festival

fragility and responsibility
douglas leonard is embraced by clare dyson’s being there

opening up the house
sophie travers talks to dancehouse’s david tyndall

the unbinding of desire
philipa rothfield on balletlab’s brindabella

within the frame: a timeless space
tess de quincey talks to keith gallasch about embrace

visual arts

dark illuminations
jonathan marshall previews fotofreo 2008

lighting up
stephanie radok on adelaide festival’s 2007 visual arts program

visceral intuition, critical thought
dirk de bruyn on the power of the technical image in azimuth


listening to history
jon rose’s 2007 peggy glanville-hicks address

on, off, into and across the record
jim knox reviews christian marclay: replay at acmi

playing with glass
chris reid sees & hears anew at the glass percussion project

showman or shaman?
gail priest on the kimmo pohjonen experience

simon charles
aphids-realtime reviewer residency

so much to sing about
murundak: the black arm band soon at womadelaide 2008

film & screen culture

beyond play
jim knox at the 2007 otherfilm festival

christy dena on making & distribution at destfest

houdini undone
kirsten krauth senses no risk in gillian armstrong’s latest

in a state of dance
chirstinn whyte at the dance for camera festival 2007

screendance: artform in transition
richard james allen at imz dancescreen & opensource

the rhythm of the night
kirsten krauth immersed in lawrence johnston’s new film

try this at home
maija howe welcomes the destination film festival

+onscreen media arts

art-layering the city
jean poole at the istanbul biennale 2007

ghosts in the machine, romance in the garden
dlux shows ghostgarden at the sydney festival

images of resilience
nicolas low sees jane prophet light the avoca project

mixed reality cycling
gabriella giannachi ‘performs’ blast theory’s rider spoke in london

playing the moon
christy dena on the fate of new media art