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realtime 85

June-July 2008



puppets at play with form & history
jonathan marshall at the unima puppetry festival

brisbane festival
flying high, and under the radar
the 2008 brisbane festival’s theatrical riches

brisbane festival
fugue of the senses, geometry of desire
doug leonard talks to liza lim about her new opera for the brisbane festival

special features

the s word
keith gallasch on the ecology of sustainability

plateaux festival
unexpected treats
rosie dennis at the plateaux festival in frankfurt

photo feature
to camera

emerging sydney performance
new waving
martin del amo on emerging forces in sydney performance

entwining china & australia
jacqueline millner in campbelltown and casula

open letter in support of bill henson
from creative australia 2020 summit representatives

turn, turn, turn
the 2008 sydney biennale celebrates revolution


online exclusive
performance for making change
clare grant at cairo's festival of experimental theatre

cross-racial casting: what will it take?
ming-zhu hii on lee lewis’ challenge to australian theatre

direction, design & room to move
keith gallasch considers space in recent sydney theatre

everything postdramatic
bryoni trezise watches the rabble work salome

intercultural harmonising
david williams talks with citymoon’s binh duy ta

nightshift: dangerous work
tony reck talks with the nighshift crew

paper theatre, uncertain memories
meg walker sees the linear animal in vancouver

the past made present
donata carrazza sees the old van co in mildura

tribute to an outlaw
tony reck at the nightshift celebration


online exclusive
reeldance festival: contemporary dance on screen
martin del amo

online exclusive
reeldance festival: global shorts, the art of moving
ashley syne

online exclusive
reeldance festival: global shorts, this dancing life
jane mckernan

online exclusive
reeldance festival: the awards
pauline manley

online exclusive
reeldance: global shorts: music:dance:image
jodie mcneilly

a democratic offering
doug leonard enters the world of marilyn miller’s quinkan

action art dance
carl nilsson-polias on antony hamilton’s blazeblue oneline

dance of the aftermath
keith gallasch at dean walsh’s back from front

memories spoken and embodied
jodie mcneilly on dance like your old man

multiplying screens & means
chirstinn whyte at moves 08 in manchester

safe risks
jonathan bollen sees pilobolus and restless dance

visual arts

798 at the crossroads
dan edwards sees change at beijing’s artzone

a city remembered in trees
zsuzsanna soboslay sees elizabeth paterson’s growing home

art when it’s at home
lucy hawthorn frequents hobart’s gallery 6a

photography: look twice
darren jorgensen on medium matters in fotofreo


car, crash, contemporary
gail priest explores aurora in campbelltown and then
jon dale at adelaide’s contemporary music festival

elemental vibrations
gail priest at what is music? sydney

making music +
greg hooper sees clocked out enact globokar

percussion: power and puzzle
zsuzsanna soboslay sees synergy and repercussions

the drama & dance of xenakis
keith gallasch at an immersive synergy workout

the many ways to play
chris reid samples sonic innovation at mibem

vale tristram cary, 1925-2008

film & screen culture

a place for dialogue
megan carrigy applauds the sydney arab film festival

film by other means
erice & kiarostami in dialogue at acmi

graham tardif & the aural auteur
d bruno starrs on rolf de heer’s composer collaborator

hybrid lives, hybrid dreams
keith gallasch sees some deadly yarns from fti

inside the experience of living
keith gallasch admires janet merewether’s maverick mother

last man standing
mike walsh on new films by hong kong’s johnnie to

mapping an ugly australia
keith gallasch on philip brophy’s radical charting of priscilla

tasmanian horrors real & mythic
andrew harper sees new filmmakers go gothic

teen vision
megan carrigy sees hey hey it’s esther blueburger

the city eroticised
mike walsh seduced by josé luis guerin’s in the city of sylvia

the musicality of the moving image
danni zuvela is attentive to visual music at goma

the video art game
jean poole views the touring videobrasil selections

video art for the cinema
matthew clayfield sees latin american video at ngv

+onscreen media arts

between research, philosophy & documentation
barbara bolt encounters intimate transactions, the book

british multimedia interventions
danni zuvela at sound polaroids at brisbane’s powerhouse

broadcasting the future
big square eye nurtures media artists

live objects
jared davis sees kendrigan & henschke’s rock and plump’s cluster

the dimensions of perception
amy marjoram at beyond the window

the road to excess leads to...
sasha grbich swept along by mark amerika’s phone art