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realtime 86

Aug-Sept 2008



online exclusive
exotic intimacies
tony reck: 2008 next wave

online exclusive
new humans, beyond meaning
indija mahjoeddin: 2008 next wave

online exclusive
startlingly close
alex ben-mayor: 2008 next wave

online exclusive
various intimacies
adam broinowski: 2008 next wave

dark futures, distant present
eleanor hadley kershaw: 2008 kunstenfestivaldesarts, brussels

playing with the audience
theron schmidt: kunstenfestivaldesarts, brussels

to boldly go
keith gallasch: melbourne international arts festival

to create, not repeat
jana perkovic: eurokaz international festival of new theatre

special features

arts education
the job-ready graduate: acting and a lot more
jeremy eccles: theatre, film, TV & circus schools

arts education
the job-ready graduate: autonomous & entrepreneurial
nina stromqvist & keith gallasch: media arts

arts education
the job-ready graduate: making art, maybe money
peter anderson: the visual arts

arts education
the job-ready graduate: multi-skilled, self-sufficient
tina kaufman: film

arts education
the job-ready graduate: on the right path
david williams: theatre & contemporary performance

arts education
the job-ready graduate: underpinning independence
keith gallasch: music

arts education
the job-ready graduate: well supported, well connected
sophie travers: dance


online exclusive
a strange gift
keith gallasch: wharf2loud's manna

going it alone...
john bailey: ruminations on recent melbourne theatre and dance

match & mismatch
keith gallasch: chambermade’s the children’s bach

the refugee’s only currency
caroline wake: powerhouse youth theatre’s mother fish

the world in a book
keith gallasch: well’s great wall of books

violence by degrees
jonathan marshall: the blue room, perth


online exclusive
disagreeable, but desirable
jess wallace: michelle heaven’s disagreeable object

bitter-sweet ageing
bernadette ashley: dancenorth’s remember me

body traps
jonathan marshall: strut dance’s prime cut

forsythe, bausch, platel…
martin del amo: reeldance festival contemporary dance on screen

judging the body-media meld
pauline manley: reeldance festival awards

not playing safe
sophie travers: phillip adams and balletlab

nothing to lose
keith gallasch: the fondue set’s no success like failure

the partiality of perspective
philipa rothfield: girls on boys & a new work from jo lloyd

visual arts

online exclusive
domestic inspiration
diana klaosen: dream home

energy in flux, change in motion
jemima kemp: soft power— asian video art at cacsa

engagingly awkward proximities
amy marjoram: julie traitsis and michael meneghetti in next wave

tainting the artist
tony mitchell: the bill henson affair

un-linear life & art
josephine wilson: tim burns retrospective


online exclusive
between contemplation and delirium
keith gallasch: ensemble offspring & louise curham

online exclusive
from the outside in
felicity clark: synergy percussion with fritz hauser

online exclusive
pre-dawn revelations
jared davis: liz rácz and jérôme noetinger's spool at lupa art

a new pulse
jeremy eccles: synergy

a sound archive for an aural future
keith gallasch: the national film & sound archive

filling in the map
gail priest: sound travellers

laidback listening to sounds concrete & chaotic
joel stern, liquid architecture 9, brisbane

minimally maximal
simon charles: the necks, sydney opera house studio

questions of intimacy
zsuzsanna soboslay: sounds alive ‘08, canberra

unchanged perceptions
peter blamey: jolt arts’ sono perception at carriageworks

what you hear is what you see
chris reid: aphids reel music festival

film & screen culture

an icon performs
peter kubelka at the national film & sound archive

bleak days for the aussie male
kirsten krauth: the australian male in the sydney film festival

day for night
virginia baxter: 2008 dendy awards

finding the words
jane mills: message sticks film festival

fine first steps
thomas redwood: 2008 mrc raw nerve awards

making art out of hollywood
danni zuvela: artists vs hollywood at qut

puppet power & scary magic
simon sellars: melbourne international animation festival

running on empty
mike walsh: ten empty & australian film pathologies

+onscreen media arts

if you like photosensitive seizures, we like you
alex white: elektra festival, montreal

listening to the turning world
gail priest: 2008 biennale of sydney

naturally synthetic
erica seccombe’s nanoplastica

weightlessly home, safe
cynthia troup: barbara campbell’s 1001 nights cast