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realtime 88

Dec-Jan 2008



sydney festival preview
powered up with performance
keith gallasch: 2009 sydney festival preview

silver artrage - pvi
talking through hybrid performance
bec dean: this is the time…this is the record of the time, perth

silver artrage
all the right steps
jonathan marshall: artrage’s 25th anniversary

melbourne international arts festival
awestruck by dance
john bailey: dance in the melbourne festival

melbourne international arts festival
tony reck: outside the theatre at the melbourne festival

melbourne international arts festival
returning the audience’s gaze
carl nilsson-polias: performance in the melbourne festival

special features

nature by design, music & science
keith gallasch: tokujin yoshioka, second nature, tokyo

time slips in an other place
gail priest: trace elements, yokohama triennale

arts health symposium
first kiss: the arts and health sciences
michael balfour: arts health symposium #1, newcastle


online exclusive
the fiona winning interview
keith gallasch

online exclusive
the horrible truth
adam broinowski: the zombie state

a revealing partnering
jonathan marshall: margaret cameron & dawn albinger at pica

ecstasy & other states
keith gallasch: sydney performance

in the belly of the beast
deborah lieser-moore: la fura dels baus’ sub

in the blood
keith gallasch: fiona mcgregor’s strange museums

in the picture
virginia baxter: the bougainville photoplay project

into the woods
tim atack: live art weekender— beautifully twisted

ironies of the inevitable
jonathan bollen: no strings attached theatre of disability’s tom the loneliest

performance space: the winning years
keith gallasch: fiona winning

phone magic
andrew harper: terrapin’s helena & the journey of the hello

schütte-lihotzky: the architecture of a life
jonathan bollen: robyn archer’s architektin

simple materials, live art
danni zuvela: exist in 08 international live art festival, brisbane

the darkest of fairytales
eleanor hadley kershaw: needcompany, the deer house

timely reinvention
marie-anne mancio: going (with coming), new york


online exclusive
rhyme and reason
ashley syne: tasdance's one for sorrow, two for joy

art moves
zsuzsanna soboslay: quantum leap’s exhibitionism

dancing secrets
laura bishop: stompin’s uncover this

matters of choice
martin del amo: nottdance08, nottingham, uk

visual arts

no content


a branching practice
gail priest: interview with haco

infiltrations & accumulations
gail priest: sound, film and interactivity in the melbourne festival

musical miracles
greg hooper: elision, heliocentric

the making of a world
keith gallasch: jason sweeney lets the darkness at you

film & screen culture

russian resurrection film festival
a deep breath of russian cinema
thomas redwood: 2008 russian resurrection film festival

russian resurrection film festival
not so silent resurrection
keith gallasch: new babylon

a sudden responsibility, a new career
andrew harper: rose schramm, filmmaker

anxious times: the future of australian film funding
tina kaufman: screen australia’s new programs

buried truths, hidden history
dan edwards: scott millwood’s whatever happened to brenda hean?

life behind a curtain
keith gallasch: maya newell’s richard, angie abdilla’s wanja

othering the cultural mainstream
mike walsh: 2008 vancouver international film festival

past into present times the future
danni zuvela: video logic and disappearing video, mca

the thin line between mainstream & underground
jane mills: sydney underground film festival

+onscreen media arts

qld premier’s national new media art awards
looking for deep generative poetry
greg hooper: queensland premier’s national new media art awards

qld premier’s national new media art awards
rewarding the field
inaugural queensland premier’s new media arts award

across the film-vis arts divide
adelaide film festival: art & the moving image

electrofringe will eat itself
dan mackinlay: electrofringe 2008, newcastle

how it came to this, explained in full
andrew murphie: scott mcquire’s the media city

magic and mistakes
somaya langley: isea 08, singapore

secretary of the impossible
cynthia troup: willoh s weiland and yelling at stars

virtually/actually hands-on
eleanor hadley kershaw: deepblue/heine røsdal avdal, drop a line

wonder, beyond categories
jacqueline millner: souls & machines, madrid