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realtime 91

June-July 2009



ten days on the island
art scars
judith abell: ten days on the island: floating, evolution, s20

ten days on the island
classic transposition
bec tudor: ten days on the island: wu hsing-kuo’s king lear

ten days on the island
new asian dance: body doubles
bec tudor: ten days on the island: daniel yeung, raka maitra

ten days on the island
sound affects
bec tudor: ten days on the island: siren

ten days on the island
stirring transformations
andrew harper: ten days on the island: metamorphosis; ross bolleter

ten days on the island
unexpected art
lucy hawthorne: ten days on the island: icelandic love corporation

spill festival
culture crash: things as they are
theron schmidt, spill festival, london

spill festival
the audience made complicit
eleanor hadley kershaw: spill festival, london

jakarta biennale
art-working the city
dan mackinlay: jakarta biennale 2009—arena

special features

nsw infrastructure
a home for contemporary cultures
keith gallasch: sue hunt, ceo carriageworks

nsw infrastructure
a matter of urgency
erin brannigan: symposium, where is independent dance in sydney?

nsw infrastructure
activating art spaces
gail priest: sam chester, james winter queen street/fraserstudios

nsw infrastructure
interdisciplinary artists & publics
keith gallasch: daniel brine, artistic director, performance space

he’s watching the detectives
kirsten krauth: ross gibson’s the summer exercises

in the loop
realtime news and advance word


online exclusive
contentious cut and paste
megan garrett-jones: nighttime: petty theft, performance space

a very good deal
keith gallasch: vanessa pigrum, full tilt

becalmed yearnings
indija mahoeddin: night songs and dinner in a dry dam, castlemaine festival

canonical miss-takes
john bailey: 3xsisters, a dream play, kafka’s monkey

fabulous liars
douglas leonard: restaged histories project, the greater plague

game: life and art
caroline wake: urban theatre projects, the football diaries

i don't know about acting…
jane mckernan: nature theatre of oklahoma, rambo solo, ny

identity’s black holes
tara forrest: rimini protokoll, black tie, berlin

looking for love
megan garrett-jones: brown council’s six minute soul mate

reading at a remove
keith gallasch: elevator repair service, gatz

keith gallasch: sam james, theatre & media designer


ecstasy and repulsion
sophie travers: phillip adams & balletlab’s miracle

merce cunningham: generational mix
jane mckernan: merce cunningham, nearly ninety, new york

responsive objects
philipa rothfield, the weight of the thing left its mark

the art of enquiry
maggi phillips: burrows & fargion’s trilogy; buzz’s depth charge

the dance of inner space
keith gallasch: de quincey co, ghost quarters

visual arts

a return to vulnerability
jacqueline millner: artspace: kosloff, frankovich, haseman

at the end of the day
virginia baxter: maria fernanda cardoso, r e a, narelle autio

the life of digits
darren jorgensen: tanya visosevic’s cuticle

transient works, temporary publics
anneke jaspers: one day sculpture symposium, wellington, nz


online exclusive
sculpture as music
chris reid: ernie althoff, the middle eight, geelong gallery

composed spontaneity
greg hooper: stockhausen: a message from sirius

sounds continuous
gail priest: nat bates, liquid architecture 10

working to rule
john dale: melbourne international jazz festival

film & screen culture

animating dreaming into action
danni zuvela: big eye aboriginal animation from canada & australia

expanded screen writing, expansive cinema
oscar michaels: steven maras, screenwriting: history, theory & practice

jack charles, hybrid lives
lucille paterson: amiel courtin-wilson’s bastardy

pornography with difference
megan garrett-jones: perv film festival

redefining film’s cutting edge
danni zuvela: revelation perth international film festival

screendance 2.0 is with us
chirstinn whyte: moves09, manchester, uk

screening the ‘other’ deutschland
hamish ford: gdr films, 2009 festival of german films

shimmering beauty, dark vision
kirsten krauth: glendyn ivin’s last ride

+onscreen media arts

cellular intrigue
kirsty darlaston: biotech arts revisted, experimental art foundation

exhibiting the future
alexandra crosby, ars electronica center, austria

mediated: craving for expression
jacqueline millner: anne landa award exhibitions, agnsw

second life eco-management
dan mackinlay: trish adams & andrew burrell’s mellifera

the itch factor
melinda rackham: media art jury duty

threshold intimacies
mitchell whitelaw: collars; liminal transitions; canberra