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realtime 96

April-May 2010


editorial - rt 96

in the loop - april 27
realtime news and advance word

in the loop - may 10
realtime news and advance word

in the loop - may 24
realtime news and advance word

in the loop - rt96
realtime news and advance word


push festival
the complicit witness
alex lazaridis ferguson: push festival 2010, vancouver

perth festival
celebration against the odds
maggi phillips: dance & theatre in the 2010 perth festival

online exclusive - april 27
next wave 2010: riding risk
keith gallasch: interview, jeff khan

biennale of sydney
the city, the world, beauty & music
jacqueline millner: preview, 17th biennale of sydney

adelaide festival
death defying opera
chris reid: ligeti’s le grand macabre, adelaide festival

adelaide festival
layers, exchange, simultaneities
chris reid: london sinfonietta concerts, adelaide festival

special features

the art in cultural policy making
gavin findlay: peter garrett’s national cultural policy discussion


online exclusive - may 24
expanded dramaturgical thinking
jonathan w marshall: dramaturgies #4

online exclusive - may 24
massacre sites: actual, theatrical, virtual
suzanne spunner: bindjareb pinjarra

online exclusive - may 10
dancing lightly on their graves
gail priest: in repose, japan foundation, sydney

online exclusive - may 10
the challenges of homage
megan garrett-jones: vashti hughes ensemble, wild party

dangerous stuff
john bailey: nicola gunn, four larks, mtc, malthouse

frame shifters
barry laing: in-habit, abbotsford convent, melbourne

good mother, bad mother
douglas leonard: the flowering

keeping up with the audience
julieanne campbell: new york contemporary performance

person to persona
keith gallasch: sydney: william yang, rosie dennis, alexandra harrison

rooms with surprising views
keith gallasch: interview, matt prest, hole in the wall


a wealth of dancing partners
martin del amo: panorama dance festival, rio de janeiro

between space, people & camera
jane mckernan: interview, tracie mitchell, reeldance festival

live the questions now
douglas leonard: brian lucas, performance anxiety

visual arts

online exclusive - may 24
everyday surreal
keith gallasch: tatsumi orimoto, oil can, centre 4a

a place to give pause
virginia baxter: sylvie blocher, what is missing?, mca

place: confirmed and displaced
ella mudie: you are here, performance space

the greater politics of human interaction
shuxia chen: wang jianwei, muitimedia artist

the high art of machine knitting
varia karipoff: the endless garment, rmit gallery


online exclusive - may 10
the bitter landscape of the soul
zsuzsanna soboslay: gerard brophy, song company, gesthemane

epic new music showcase
jeremy eccles: 2010 iscm world new music days, sydney

looping & shimmering
andrew harper: mona foma festival of art & music, hobart

vigorous exercise & a well-balanced diet
gail priest: the now now festival 2010

film & screen culture

online exclusive - may 10
love spread too thin
kirsten krauth: daina reid, peter helliar, i love you too

online exclusive - april 27
true aussie diggers
kirsten krauth: jeremy sims’ beneath hill 60

australian screen culture: the hard yards
tina kaufman

campion’s realm of the senses
kirsten krauth: campion’s bright star & earlier works

china: alternative realities
dan edwards: the digital documentary filmmaker generation

dreaming unanimity
keith gallasch: rachel perkins' bran nue dae

the past is always present
keith gallasch: 2010 festival of german film

unaustralian cinema
mike walsh: asian film in australia

+onscreen media arts

online exclusive - may 10
fingers on windows
matthew o'neill: tom hall, the past will betray

envisaging the unseeable
urszula dawkins: art in the age of nanotechnology

experimental audiovisual: room to move
lucy benson: overlap, transmediale 2010 berlin

infinities material and spiritual
urszula dawkins: vesna & gimzewski’s nanomandala

lake mungo as medium
keith gallasch: starrs & cmielewski, land(sound)scape; joel anderson, lake mungo

the future with a foot in the past
saige walton: experimenta, utopia now

the hybrid screen library
thomas redwood: acmi-nfsa mediatheque, melbourne