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realtime 98

Aug-Sept 2010


realtime news and advance word
in the loop - august 23

2010 election
a short guide: national cultural policy
keith gallasch: cultural policy—books, essays, broadcasts

2010 election
an artless campaign
keith gallasch: politics & national cultural policy

2010 election
campaign art
caroline wake: art & activism on tv and online

2010 election
wishlists on the way to policy
keith gallasch: national cultural policy discussion

editorial - rt98

in the loop – september 20
realtime news and advance word

in the loop – september 6
realtime news and advance word


next wave 2010
body melt
tony reck: next wave 2010

next wave 2010
in and out of the comfort zone
kate warren: next wave 2010

next wave 2010
risk: the limits of laughter & intimacy
varia karipoff: next wave 2010

effervescent transcendence
keith gallasch: melbourne international arts festival 2010

for and of the city
keith gallasch: noel staunton, 2010 brisbane festival

special features

2010 arts education
connecting with culture
jeremy eccles: aboriginal centre for the performing arts, brisbane

2010 arts education
dancing into the world
keith gallasch: national institute of creative arts & industries, nz

2010 arts education
film education: new contexts, new criteria
tina kaufman: aspera conference at uts

2010 arts education
in the age of over-sharing & the death of shame
darren tofts: media education, digital media & social networking

2010 arts education
performance by degree
keith gallasch: theatre & performance, university of wollongong

2010 arts education
the uneasy path to dance practice
linda sastradipradja: tertiary dance education

2010 arts education
the universities: a sound connection with the world
ben byrne: experimental music & sonic arts education

2010 arts education
visual arts education: between research & the market
peter anderson: buckley & conomos, rethinking the contemporary art school


a delicate balance in a gross world
keith gallasch: company b, shakespeare's measure for measure

dark inheritance
caroline wake: tantrum theatre, blackrock

ghosts of form and family
bryoni trezise: long day’s journey into night, stc

interior worlds of the north
victoria carless: on edge festival 2010, cairns

make art, drink, vomit
douglas leonard: room 328, brisbane

mobilising contemporary performance
keith gallasch: mobile states

multicultural arts: always already mainstream
esther anatolitis: national multicultural arts symposium, adelaide

the remorseless logic of a farce
douglas leonard: eugene ionesco’s the chairs at la boite

transfigurative perspectives
john bailey: recent melbourne live art & theatre


brothers in dance
jodie mcneilly: macindoe & synnott’s bromance

exorcising addiction
bernadette ashley: dancenorth, the cry

present sense
philipa rothfield: deborah hay, in the dark

restoring culture: the dance of images & artefacts
keith gallasch: bangarra dance theatre, of earth & sky

seizing the moment
sophie travers: luke george, dancer & choreographer

the pre-cognitive alternative
jana perkovic: needcompany; les ballets c de la b

visual arts

artist: intermedia: viewer
anna arabindan-kesson: 2010 whitney biennial of art

china sightings
gail priest: mu:screen, uts gallery

double lives
jemima kemp: australian experimental art foundation, duetto

handled with care
ella mudie: jacqueline millner’s book, conceptual beauty

magnificent in defeat
diana klaosen: the un-victorious, criterion gallery, hobart

self-portrait, multiple careers
virginia baxter: egres ludob, i goghbot, 2010

ella mudie: the big bang, white rabbit gallery, sydney


opera for ipad
matthew lorenzon: helen gifford’s exile

sound art+/-performance
simon charles: liquid architecture 11, melbourne

the accidental audist
greg hooper: liquid architecture 11; urban jungle, brisbane

war against pop: singing & suing
philip brophy: men at work, larrikin and kookaburra

film & screen culture

absent parents, challenged childhoods
kirsten krauth: 2010 sydney film festival

alexander proshkin: memories & miracles
tom redwood, interview, russian resurrection film festival

boat people: intimate tragedy
caroline wake: khoa do's mother fish

broken mothers in the blind spot
kathleen mary fallon: the blind side, jedda, night cries, blessed, australia

for and by the community
gem blackwood: u-matic to youtube: indigenous community filmmaking

mesmeric menace
kirsten krauth: david michôd’s animal kingdom

sublime art, strange states
keith gallasch: 2010 sydney film festival

+onscreen media arts

adjusting to the artificial others
kirsty darlaston: the uncanny valley

genius loci, sparks and arcs
gary warner: hiroshi sugimoto, 17th biennale of sydney

new portraiture: cold tech, warm interior
martyn jolly: present tense, national portrait gallery