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Archive Highlights

 Da Contents H2

November 12 2014
Obituary & Archive: Margaret Cameron

The other side of Nightfall: Margaret Cameron & Ian Scott
Virginia Baxter

July 2 2014
Speak Percussion

November 20 2013
Jon Rose

November 20 2012
branch nebula

July 3 2012
liquid architecture (updated)

March 20 2012
clocked out - archive highlight

November 8 2011
the NOW now

May 10 2011
art & disability: new geographies of the body

November 6 2009
dance on screen

October 26 2009

September 21 2009
australian indigenous film

August 21 2009
keith armstrong, media artist

July 17 2009
liquid architecture

June 29 2009
rosie dennis: the truth hurts


liquid architecture (updated)

Chris Watson recording an orca in the Ross Sea Chris Watson recording an orca in the Ross Sea
photo courtesy Chris Watson
“In 1999 a group of RMIT students presented a collection of experimental sound and music events. Ten years on Liquid Architecture, has grown into one of Australia’s most significant festivals with a national touring program of concerts, installations and forums.” (Gail Priest, RT91)

In 2009 to celebrate the 10th edition of Liquid Architecture we published a brief archive highlight. To co-incide with LA’s 13th year, the archive has been updated to include all reviews of the festival since 2002, a comprehensive record of this leading music event.

Nat Bates, Liquid Architecture 9 Sydney Nat Bates, Liquid Architecture 9 Sydney
photo Alison Richardson

The longevity of Liquid Architecture is testament to Artistic Director Nat Bates’ ability to adapt the festival to ever-changing circumstances. In an interview in 2009 he said collaboration was the secret to success: “One of the key things for me is the team of curators. When we were a Melbourne-only event there were a number of people I worked with [Bruce Mowson was co-director 2001-4, Camilla Hannan 2001-2] and now that it’s a national event I rely heavily upon the people in the other cities for input” (RT91). The 2012 festival has taken this collaboration to the next level as Bates takes a back seat while Philip Samartzis and Lawrence English curate the entire festival around the idea of an “Antarctic Convergence” (see preview in RT109).

Dave Brown and Lukas Simonis, Liquid Architecture Dave Brown and Lukas Simonis, Liquid Architecture
photo Sebastian Avila

Most years RT has offered multiple reviews in order to cover the festival in its several locales and offer different perspectives on the artists and their performances over the touring schedule. To celebrate the 10th festival individual city-based reviews were augmented with an overview by Jared Davis who travelled with the crew, and in a pull-no-punches article asked difficult questions about the role of the festival a decade after its inception (see RT93 “listening for change”).

If the density of coverage is overwhelming here are a few suggestions.
Read about Bernard Parmegiani playing in Melbourne during LA4 in "liquid architecture: the parmegiani experience", an event which Nat Bates remembers as his “number one highlight." A duet by Clayton Thomas and Jim Denley, "sound bodies", stands out as writer Tony Osborne’s “highlight of the week” when he sampled Sydney’s LA7. Recalling LA9, "sounds solid, sounds fluid", Gail Priest nominates not one but “two outstanding performances”, those of festival director Nat Bates and Marcus Schmickler; the latter's creation “powerful, verging on spiritual, with no drugs required.” And covering LA12 in Melbourne Matthew Lorenzon probes the role of performativity in his review, “reciprocity between sounds.”

liquid architecture 13

antarctic reveries
greg hooper: liquid architecture 13, brisbane
RealTime issue #110 Aug-Sept 2012 pg18

sonic antarctic
liquid architecture 13: antarctic convergence
RealTime issue #109 June-July 2012 p34

liquid architecture 12

reciprocity between sounds
matthew lorenzon: liquid architecture 12, melbourne
RealTime issue #104 Aug-Sept 2011 p44

listening up
gail priest: liquid architecture 12, sydney
RealTime issue #104 Aug-Sept 2011 p45

liquid architecture 11

the accidental audist
greg hooper: liquid architecture 11; urban jungle, brisbane
RealTime issue #98 Aug-Sept 2010 p46

sound art+/-performance
simon charles: liquid architecture 11, melbourne
RealTime issue #98 Aug-Sept 2010 p47

liquid architecture 10

listening for change
jared davis: reflections on liquid architecture 10
RealTime issue #93 Oct-Nov 2009 p52

architectural meltdown
tony osborne: liquid architecture 10, sydney
RealTime issue #92 Aug-Sept 2009 p48

sound, image & their ghosts
greg hoooper: liquid architecture 10, brisbane
RealTime issue #92 Aug-Sept 2009 p48

the art of sonic curation
chris reid: liquid architecture 10, melbourne
RealTime issue #92 Aug-Sept 2009 p49

sounds continuous
gail priest: interview with nat bates, liquid architecture 10
RealTime issue #91 June-July 2009 p46

liquid architecture 9

depends on where you sit
chris reid: liquid architecture 9, melbourne
RealTime issue #87 Oct-Nov 2008 p46

sounds solid, sounds fluid
gail priest: liquid architecture 9, Sydney
RealTime issue #87 Oct-Nov 2008 p48

laidback listening to sounds concrete & chaotic
joel stern, liquid architecture 9, brisbane
RealTime issue #86 Aug-Sept 2008 p43

sonic interiors
simon charles: liquid architecture 9, melbourne
RealTime issue #87 Oct-Nov 2008 p47

liquid architecture 8

sound in mind and body
chris reid happily imbibes liquid architecture 8, melbourne
RealTime issue #81 Oct-Nov 2007 p45

sounds seen & worded
greg hooper at liquid architecture 8, brisbane
RealTime issue #80 Aug-Sept 2007 p51

sonic extremeties
gail priest embraces liquid architecture 8, sydney
RealTime issue #81 Oct-Nov 2007 p46

liquid architecture 7

sound bodies
tony osborne: liquid architecture 7, Sydney
RealTime issue #75 Oct-Nov 2006 p53

sounds improbable, sounds remarkable
joel stern and danni zuvela at brisbane’s liquid architecture 7
RealTime issue #75 Oct-Nov 2006 p54

confined and released
chris reid: liquid architecture 7
RealTime issue #75 Oct-Nov 2006 p54

liquid architecture 6

celebrating sound
gail priest: liquid architecture 6
RealTime issue #68 Aug-Sept 2005 p49

tropical liquid architecture
jennifer teo: liquid architecture 6, cairns
RealTime issue #69 Oct-Nov 2005 web

liquid architecture 5

instrumental explorations
danni zuvela: liquid architecture 5, brisbane
RealTime issue #63 Oct-Nov 2004 p48

drum mutations
greg hooper: liquid architecture 5, brisbane
RealTime issue #63 Oct-Nov 2004 p50

liquid architecture 4

qbfm:liquid architecture
greg hooper: liquid architecture 4, brisbane
RealTime issue #58 Dec-Jan 2003 p43

liquid architecture: the parmegiani experience
simon sellars: liquid architecture 4, melbourne
RealTime issue #56 Aug-Sept 2003 p46

liquid architecture 3

substantial echoes
jonathan marshall: liquid architecture 3
RealTime issue #50 Aug-Sept 2002 p7

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