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June 14-18, 2010


10th Indonesian Dance Festival: Goethe Institut Regional Critic Workshop

June 14-18, 2010, Jakarta

Thanks to an invitation from Frank Werner, Regional Head of the Cultural Program Department at the Goethe Institut Indonesia, Keith Gallasch, Managing Editor of RealTime, was delighted to attend the 10th Indonesian Dance Festival (titled "Powering the Future") in Jakarta to run a review-writing workshop for the insititut in response to four days of exhilarating dance from Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Europe.

The participating writers came from the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand and Indonesia. After a day of discussion. the writers then settled into four more of rapid turnaround reviewing of the shows they were seeing each evening, discussing the works, polishing their reviews, sharpening their attentiveness to all aspects of dance performance.

The aim of the workshop was to improve the capacity of reviewers to vividly evoke the works they experience for their readers. Good reviewing (whether or not it consciously includes social, political and economic perspectives and passes critical judgment) cannot work effectively without this skill. Openness, strong recall, rich vocabulary, a structured response, the careful delivery of judgment, these were the workshop focus. We hope that the workshop will further bring together dance artists and writers in the region.

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January 27 2016
Dana Waranara—Privilege and Responsibility
Andrea James

July 12 2010
10th indonesian dance festival: dance, future tense
keith gallasch: regional dance criticism workshop, jakarta

a dance work revived: faith restored
devi fritrai: gusmiati suid, seruan

aspiration and influence
joelle jacinto: final night idf program

beyond absence
bilquis hijjas: meg stuart & philipp gehmacher's maybe forever

borderline control
giang dang: contact gonzo

cool tensions
giang dang: s]h]elf

dancing between tradition & modernity
devi fitria: idf emerging choreographers

dancing into identity
melissa quek: idf emerging choreographers program

dancing to the threshhold
bilqis hijjas: cross over dance company, middle

July 12 2010
earth's slow death dance
melissa quek: asri mery sidowati’s merah

fighting as performance
cat ruka: contact gonzo and sayaka himeno

foreign bodies
giang dang: meg stuart & philipp gehmacher's maybe forever

from betamax to dvd
san phalla: jeckosdance, from betamax to dvd

indonesian contemporary dance: multiple personalities
melissa quek: idf closing program

into the vortex
devi fitria: asri mery sidowati’s merah

journey into light
joelle jacinto: asri mery sidowati’s merah

love and its disconnects
cat ruka: meg stuart & philipp gehmacher's maybe forever

noise in contemporary asian dance
pawit mahasarinand: darkness poomba and contact gonzo

July 12 2010
one shoe on, one shoe off
bilqis hijjas: muslimin b pranowo, the young

shaking the spectator's heart
phalla san: kim jae duk, darkness poomba

strange worlds, mutating forms
cat ruka: kim jae duk's darkness poomba

such is life, and so is love
pawit mahasarinand: meg stuart & philipp gehmacher's maybe forever

when does forever end?
joelle Jacinto: meg stuart & philipp gehmacher’s maybe forever

working the audience
melissa quek: contact gonzo & darkness poomba