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february 1-5 2006


Inbetween Time 2006

Jan 30 - Feb 8 2006 Arnolfini

RealTime is Australia's largest arts magazine providing quality writing about innovation in the arts focusing on contemporary performance, dance, music, sound art, visual art and new media art. RealTime will conduct an intensive 10-day writing workshop inviting selected writers to join the editorial team in responding to the festival. Writings will be completed and submitted in morning sessions, edited and then placed online later in the day. Participation in the workshop requires a willingness to write on the run, the courage to discuss your writing and to commit to the intensity of the whole festival experience. Having to write about a festival as it unfolds sharpens the senses and strengthens writing skill. RealTime’s commitment is ‘experiential writing’ believing the writer’s first commitment is to creating an economic, accurate and vivid evocation of the work experienced.

 Da Contents H2

February 3 2006
Duncan Speakman: Echo Location

Gob Squad: Managing fear
Winnie Love

Gob Squad: What does it mean to be a Vampire?
Niki Russell at the Gob Squad lecture

John Gillies: A Geography of Longing and Belonging
Marie-Anne Mancio

John Gillies: Old land, new testament
Ruth Holdsworth

Rosie Dennis: One from the heart
Winnie Love in the Rosie Dennis loop

Uninvited Guests: The art of wounding
Marie-Anne Mancio faces up to Univited Guests

February 2 2006
AC Dickson: Rising up to the challenge of his rivals
Niki Russell on eBay selling as performance

Bodies in Flight: And the word was made flesh

Carolyn Wright: Conversational miscues
When Winnie Love met Carolyn Wright

Carolyn Wright: Pleased to meet you, again
Niki Russell

David Weber-Krebs: Beyond waiting
Winnie Love

David Weber-Krebs: More than it says it is…
Ruth Holdsworth

David Weber-Krebs: Risk realised
Virginia Baxter