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May 4-13, 2012


aurora 2012

Western Sydney

A team of RealTime writers—Matthew Lorenzon, Oliver Downes, Felicity Clarke, Gail Priest and Keith Gallasch—travelled to Sydney's outer regions to experience the fourth Aurora Festival of Living Music, under the direction of Andrew Batt-Rawden.

an aurora over western sydney

keith gallasch: andrew batt-rawden, artistic director, aurora festival of
living music

beyond like and dislike
matthew lorenzon: merzbow, aurora festival of living music

the comfort of noise
gail priest: merzbow, merzbow & oren ambarchi, aurora festival

flight-or-fight listening
matthew lorenzon: oren ambarchi, aurora festival of living music

in the throes of birth or metamorphosis
oliver downes: oren ambarchi, aurora festival of living music

a moving song for the earth
oliver downes: clocks and clouds, aurora festival of living music

alternate hearings
gail priest: clocks & clouds, greg schiemer, aurora festival

another audience, guitar with a difference
oliver downes: chronology arts, ampere quartet, amped, aurora festival

dancing alone, walking on ice
felicity clark: invisible forces, aurora music festival

look out below
keith gallasch: invisible forces, aurora music festival

electric anxieties
keith gallasch: george lentz, ingwe, aurora festival

innovative diffusion
felicity clark: julian day & luke jaaniste, super critical mass, aurora festival

plucking through the air
felicity clark: marshall mcguire, harp recital, aurora festival

synergy, energy & introversion
oliver downes: synergy percussion, aurora festival of living music

unravelled and re-woven
matthew lorenzon: minotaur the island, aurora festival

images: Merzbow, Riverside Theatres, photo Hospital Hill
Amped, Chronology Arts and Ampere Quartet, photo Hospital Hill
Terumi Narushima, Kraig Grady, Clocks and Clouds, photo Corrie Ancone

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