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realtime 126

April-May 2015

RT126 Editorial
What will you do?
Draft Apology to the Survivors of Immigration Detention
Voicing empathy, rehearsing protest
Shoulder to shoulder

A festival rising in the body of one Dance Massive The mind performs Weather: immersive Reading the film score At play with perception & consciousness The moment in between


Cover image: National Icon
Artist: Sha Sarwari

Sha Sarwari is a multidisciplinary visual artist who came to Australia as a refugee. In 1999 he had to leave his home country Afghanistan. Since then he has called Brisbane home. He has a diploma in Graphic Design and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.
“The process of creating an artwork feels like a spiritual experience for me. I aim to explore the notion of peace and freedom. It is in the process of art-making that I feel free and I am the most at peace. While there is a premeditative aspect to making art, for me intuition is most dominant. In my recent work, I explore the notion of the found object, reinterpreting it and giving it new meaning. This is to not only tell multilayered poetic narratives, but also to comment on social and political issues such as those concerning asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.”

Realtime 76 Cover