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datamaticsRyoji Ikeda, datamatics [ver 2.0]
Gail Priest

Shaw & Kenderdine, Pure Land, iCinema
Urszula Dawkins

SynapseSynapse: A Selection, Powerhouse
Urszula Dawkins

BellVIVID/ISEA Keynotes: Genevieve Bell, Mark Hosler, Paolo Cirio & Alessandro Ludovico
Gail Priest

MetaverseVIVID/ISEA Artist talks: Siu, Baumann, Velonaki
Gail Priest

testpatterRyoji Ikeda, test pattern & datamatics [ver 2.0]
Urszula Dawkins

IngramArtspace: Velonaki, Ingram, Gemeinboeck & Saunders
Keith Gallasch

StelarcStelarc: Meat, Metal, Code: Engineering affect and aliveness
Gail Priest

Sound LabyrinthSoundLabyrinth, Mark Pedersen and Roger Alsop
Urszula Dawkins

Semipermeablesemipermeable (+), SymbioticA
Urszula Dawkins

RealTime is on the ground at ISEA2013 in Sydney covering exhibitions, talks and art online and on the streets. Quick responses appear first on the blog and then begin to populate the ISEA2013 Feature on our main web page.

realtime tv @ ISEA2013

Semipermeablesemipermeable (+), SymbioticA, Powerhouse
Interview with curator Oron Catts
video production Sam James

EchoSonicsEchoSonics, UTS Gallery
Interview with curator Nigel Helyer
video production Gail Priest

Catching LightCatching Light, Campbelltown Arts Centre
Interview with CAC director Michael Dagostino & curator Megan Monte
video production Gail Priest

ArtspaceVelonaki, Ingram, Gemeinboeck & Saunders, Artspace
The artists in conversation with Mike Leggett
video production Mike Leggett

Images columm 1 - top to bottom
Ryoji Ikeda, datamatics [ver 2.0], photo Ryuchi Maruo, courtesy Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media (YCAM); Pure Land: Inside the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang, courtesy iCinema; Chris Henschke, Lightcurve (infrared arc), 2011, courtesy the artist; Genevieve Bell, photo Gail Priest; Thea Baumann, Metaverse Makeovers, courtesy the artists

Images columm 2 - top to bottom
Ryoji Ikeda, test pattern, photo Urszula Dawkins; Smoking Bolts, Simon Ingram, installation view week 3, Artspace Sydney, photo Silversalt Photography; Stelarc, Exoskeleton, photo Igor Skafar; SoundLabyrinth Mark Pedersen and Roger Alsop, courtesy the artists; Verena Friedrich, Cellular Performance, 2011-12, still


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