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26 MARCH, 2014


HalmarackWelcome to RT Profiler 2 featuring our first wave of coverage from Melbourne's inaugural Festival of Live Art (FOLA), plus video conversations with visiting international artists Isaac Julien (UK) and Chiara Guidi (Italy).

There are also interviews, artist and contributor profiles, a new survey—The Arteffect—in which 10 artists ponder politics and art action and then you can escape from it all with a travel photo feature of Split, Croatia by Peter Volich.

Gail Priest, RT Online Producer

Crack Theatre Festival Call Out

Online producer Gail Priest samples some treats and terrors at the first Festival of Live Art presented by Arts House, Footscray Community Arts Centre and Theatre Works. She coaxes a few of the artists into lively conversation.

FOLA What is Live Art?

realtime tv:
FOLA—What is Live Art?
FOLA artists Nicola Gunn (Person of Interest), Tristan Meecham (Game Show), Sam Halmarack (Sam Halmarack & the Miserablites) and Beth Buchanan (I Know That I Am Not Dead) respond to the question: What is Live Art?


realtime tv: FOLA—Nicola Gunn, Person of Interest
Nicola Gunn talks with Gail Priest about Person of Interest, a work-in-development made in collaboration with Nick Roux, presented by Theatre Works as part of FOLA, Melbourne.


realtime tv: FOLA—
Sam Halmarack & the Miserablites
UK artist Sam Halmarack talks with Gail Priest about Sam Halmarack & the Miserablites, presented by Arts Houses as part of FOLA, Melbourne.

Interviews with Tristan Meecham and Beth Buchanan will appear over the next few weeks

Isac Julien
realtime tv: Isaac Julien, PLAYTIME

UK artist Isaac Julien, currently exhibiting PLAYTIME at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, discusses some of the finer points of filmmaking with Keith Gallasch.


Chiara Guidi
realtime tv: Chiara Guidi & Jeff Stein, Jack and the Beanstalk

Italian director Chiara Guidi (Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio), facilitator Jeff Stein and assistant to the director (interpreter) Nadia Cusimano discuss the development of the upcoming children's theatre show, Jack and the Beanstalk, at Campbelltown Arts Centre.


Chicks on Speed
Interview: Chicks on Speed

Brooke Olsen chats with Alex Murray-Leslie & Melissa Logan about music, art, technology and audience engagement.

Interview: Deborah Leiser-Moore

Keith Gallasch in conversation with performer and theatremaker Deborah Leiser-Moore about her latest show KaBooM: Stories from Distant Frontlines.

Safetly in Numbers
Interview: Annette McLernon, FORM Dance Projects

Annette McLernon tells Gail Priest about the past, present and future of FORM, the growing hub for contemporary dance in Sydney's west.

RT Traveller: Split, Croatia

We asked ex-pat photomedia artist Peter Volich for a photo essay of the city which he currently calls home.





Do our creative deeds have an impact on social and political views? How do artists' acts of defiance, revelation or subversion reach a wide enough audience to actually make a difference?

We’ve asked ten artists how they see their practice contributing to the debate about the power of art. More…

Diego Bonetto | Rosie Dennis | Sam Fox | Suzon Fuks | Nicola Gunn | Finegan Kruckemeyer | post | pvi collective | Jason Sweeney | Kym Vercoe





ArgemeniaChris Howlett, ARGEMNIA
Christy Dena asks this Brisbane artist about his augmented reality game-making in Armenia.


Shifting SkinAlison Bennett, Shifting Skin
Gail Priest responds to Bennett's visceral augmented reality project based on tattoos.

KaterinaKaterina Sakkas
Meet our Sydney-based film writer, Katerina who is also a visual artist, a horror specialist and RT's advertising sales manager.

"My main aim in a review is to convey the tone and method of a film—how it goes about the business of doing what it sets out to do—without revealing too much of the narrative, though 'spoilers' aren't as much of an issue in a critical essay" More…


Oliver Downes
Oliver Downes

Our Sydney-based writer, Oliver Downes is rapidly shaping up to be an all-rounder having so far covered, film, music and theatre.

"I'm fascinated by artistic process and the sociology of creativity, the endlessly inventive ways in which people across vastly different mediums and styles approach the production of creative work and how that work responds to the social structures in which it’s produced." More…




RT Talk
a forum for debate and discussion about adventurous contemporary art practices.

Partial Durations

Matthew Lorenzon/RT music blog for weekly posts on new music in Melbourne and beyond.



Sympathy, Empathy, Art & Action

Edward Scheer: Mike Parr and acting for refugees
Who cares for the victims in
Wolf Creek 2?
Participatory activist theatre: Rimini Protokoll's Situation Rooms
Israel & political vaudeville: Ad Infinitum's Ballad of a Burning Star (UK)
Empathy and the 21st century long-form TV series

Perth, Adelaide, Festival of Live Art, Melbourne; World Theatre Festival, Brisbane; PuSh, Vancouver, Sound Out Canberra

Deborah Hay; Tacita Dean; Sophie Hyde; Lee Breuer

Douglas Kahn's Earth Sound, Earth Signa

On the streets 18 April


Goethe Festival of German Film





LH COLUMN: Keith Gallasch & Isaac Julien, realtime tv; Nadia Cusimano, Chiara Guidi, Jeff Stein, realtime tv; Sam Halmarack  and audience, Sam Halmarack & the Miserablites, FOLA, photo Ponch Hawkes; FOLA-What is Live Art clockwise from top left Tristan Meecham, Sam Halmarack, Beth Buchanan, Nicola Gunn, realtime tv; Nicola Gunn, realtime tv; Sam Halmarack, realtime tv;  Chicks on Speed, UTOPIA, courtesy the artists; Deborah Leiser-Moore, KaBooM, photo Lachlan Woods; Sam Chester's Safety in Numbers, photo Heidrun Löhr; Peter Volich, Vukojebina (where wolves go to f$%&), 2014, Split, Croatia

RH COLUMN: The Arteffect clockwise from top left Diego Bonetto, Wild Food Tour, photo courtesy Casula Powerhouse; Sam Fox, Hydra Poesis, Dance Journalism action, photo Alex Bainbridge; pvi collective, resist: mumbai, photos Simon Maidment; Suzon Fuks, Fluid Data; Chris Howlett, ARGEMENIA, courtesy the artist; Alison Bennett, Shifting Skin, Untitled (birds & butterflies), 2013, courtesy the artist; Katerina Sakkas; Oliver Downes



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