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RT Profiler 6

17 SEPT, 2014


RT Profiler 6 looks at performance from a number of angles. There's Andrew Upton's vision for STC in 2015; Julie Vulcan's live art meditations; Cat Jones' art-science collaborations; and a new Perth-based performance and puppetry collective, The Last Great Hunt. Plus we profile the latest video work by David Rosetzky and a new album by mumble(speak) otherwise known as Matt Warren.

There's also a special report by Keith Gallasch who's been checking the fine print of the Australia Council's 5 year plan and our survey for this Profiler focuses on recent projects by art-making couples.

This is the last Profiler from me for the year (I'm off to make art in France) but I leave the final Profiler in the multi-talented hands of Lucy Parakhina. Lucy's insightful performance photos often grace our pages.

À bientôt!
Gail Priest, RT Online Producer

realtime tv: Andrew Upton, Sydney Theatre Company

Artistic Director of the Sydney Theatre Company talks with Keith Gallasch about some of the highlights of the 2015 season.


realtime tv: Julie Vulcan, performance & installation artist

Julie Vulcan chats about recent and upcoming live art performances at Performatoria, Canada, Venice International Performance Week and Punctum's Seedpod Amplifed project, as well as her artistic trajectory from visual to performing artist.


Interview: Cat Jones, multi-disciplinary artist

Ben Brooker chats with Cat Jones about her artistic research into neuroscience, our senses and perception.

Tim Watts
Interview: Tim Watts, The Last Great Hunt

Tim Watts, one of the minds behind It's Dark Outside and The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik, talks with Keith Gallasch about the formation of the new company The Last Great Hunt and their upcoming show Falling through Clouds.


David Rosetzky, Gaps

Urszula Dawkins is drawn in by the detail writ large in David Rosetzky's recent large scale video work at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)


WarrenMatt Warren, mumble(speak)

Gail Priest delves into the hauntological with Hobart-based artist Matt Warren, discussing his most recent release, iii - real and imagined scenarios.

BLOG: Partial Durations
Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music

Over at the RealTime affiliated music blog Partial Durations, Matthew Lorenzon offers generous coverage of the recent BIFEM.

Julian Day

Golden Fur, music Chikako Morishita, Ivan Wyschnegradsky, Anthony Pateras
Sirius, music theatre by Karlheinz Stockhausen
Vortex, Bug, music theatre by Arturo Corrales
Argonaut Ensemble, music Elliott Gyger, James Rushford, Clara Maïda
Pluton, Peter Dumsday & Samuel Dunscombe, music Philippe Manoury
Matthew Lorenzon, “Why we are so nice,” public talk about music journalism
Judith Hamann, solo recital, music James Rushford, Wojtek Belcharz, Liza Lim, Judith Hamann & Sabina Maselli
Ensemble Vortex, music David Chisholm, Fernando Garnero, Benôit Moreau
Argonaut Strings, music Jean Barraqué, Francisco Huguet, Marielle Groven, David Chisholm, Liza Lim, Claude Vivier
Vortex Ensemble, Kinecticut, music Daniel Zea
Julian Day, Lovers (installation)
Zubin Kanga, music George Crumb, Helmut Lachenmann, David Young, Claudia Molitor, George Benjamin





Australia Council’s Five-Year Strategic Plan

Keith Gallasch fills us in on the Australia Council’s new Five-Year Strategic Plan which includes a highly responsive grants model and welcome clarity of purpose in the organisation’s goals and sense of advocacy. Read more here.




Making art is more than a job and it’s more than a life-style choice—for many, it’s an all-encompassing way of being. This can make living with an artist a difficult feat, unless both are of like constitution. So it’s not surprising that in the art world there are many couples who share both their lives and their art. Over the next two Profilers, we are asking a number of art couples about their collaborative practices.

Alexandra Clapham & Penelope Benton | Clocked Out (Erik Griswold & Vanessa Tomlinson) | Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro | Andrew Morrish & Rosalind Crisp | Sally Rees & Matt Warren |The Ronalds (Shannon & Patrick) | Starrs & Cmielewski (Josephine & Leon)

Part 2 of Partner Art will appear in RT Profiler 7 online 12 November.

KiddBriony Kidd
RT's Hobart-based correspondent (and Horror Film Festival director) Briony Kidd shares her thoughts on reviewing and contexts.

"There's “Yes, I like that” or “No, I didn't like it,” but there are a million other thoughts whirling around your head, and it's learning which ones are important and which ones aren't that's really the trick." More…


PriestGail Priest
RT's Online Producer talks about working for RT for 15 years and her passion for words and sounds.

"Writing about sound makes me listen to it with utter dedication—it gives me permission to stop multitasking and meditate on the sound alone. And sometimes in this situation it almost feels as if there’s a connection in my brain that directly translates sound information into words. I find this exhilarating—like hallucinating." More…


10 October

Reviews: Ozasia, Adelaide; Darwin Festival, Alice Springs; Junction Arts, Launceston; Avignon Festival, France; Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music
Preview: Proximity Festival, Perth

Survey including Harley Stumm, Intimate Spectacle

Bonemap, Nerve Engine

Women + Performance: Roslyn Oades
On the DOX: MIFF documentaries
Philip Brophy's Audiovision

SCORE season, Performance Space
My Darling Patricia, Mantle, CAC
Luke George & Daniel Kok, CAC
Rachel Ogle, Precipice
The Button Event, QTC
Mayakovsky, Sydney Chamber Opera
What I See When I Look at Sound, PICA



Bodies of thought

Bodies of Thought:
12 Australian Choreographers

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Editors: Dr Erin Brannigan, Senior Lecturer in Dance, School of Arts and Media, UNSW and Virginia Baxter, Managing Editor, RealTime
Publishers: RealTime and Wakefield Press
ENQUIRIES: [email protected]

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LH COLUMN: Julie Vulcan, Redress#7, Rapid Pulse, photo Tongyu Zhao; Andrew Upton, Sydney Theatre Company 2015 Season, realtime tv; Julie Vulcan, realtime tv; Cat Jones, Anatomy's Confection, photo Cat Jones; Tim Watts, The Last Great Hunt, photo Jamie Breen; David Rosetzky, Gaps, ACMI, courtesy David Rosetzky and Sutton Gallery Melbourne; mumble(speak) live at FELTspace, Adelaide (2010), courtesy FELTspace ARI, Adelaide.

RH COLUMN: Partner Art: Clockwise from top left - Penelope Benton, Alexandra Clapham, courtesy the artists; Sally Rees, Matt Warren, Burnie residency, courtesy the artists; Clocked Out Duo in the studio, courtesy the artists; Starrs & Cmielewski, courtesy the artists; Briony Kidd; Gail Priest; Julian Day, Lovers, BIFEM, photo Matthew Lorenzon

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