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game, game, game and again game

Click through to game, game, game and again game:

Ugly, cramped, jittery, this site is seriously un-co (and so are you). Jason Nelson wipes away a slate of clean net design to create a wittily deformed game, each click a chance to battle or create chaos. Stretch out your donkey-kong-fingers and hit the arrow keys and spacebar to fight. An internal struggle erupts between your need to read the exploding and shimmying poetics versus your pacman-alertness to get to the next round. Maybe it’s worth keeping on dying (that’s my excuse anyway) as you crash and burn into the evil blue squiggle — ‘come on and meet your maker’ an android voice seduces you lovingly — so you get the chance to hang around and read. Managing to pass Level One you fall into the sun. You become The Fundamentalist. Next level brings you to The Faithful: when you hit the video icon, an animated church splits in half; a Super 8 memory fragment shows a mother with a little girl who starts to cry. (Maybe she doesn’t want to hang out with god on an easy-like-a Sunday morning.) Now you’ve sold your soul the next level up is Real Estate Agent (which is only fair) but what-comes-around-goes-around because at Buddhist Level you find that you can’t play at all; you’ve lost all control. Hands off zen mastery and ommm. Primary school gaming at recess kicks in and pays off as you embrace dollar signs to become a Capitalist. Chemist Level brings hallucinatory, delusionary, what-the? and you disappear into drug-infused squirly 60s dots. Where am I? You scream at the screen. But you never quite make it. Flex your mario-brothers-knuckles and start at the start, start, start and, again, start.

Kirsten Krauth

Queensland net artist Jason Nelson’s site has lots of projects to play with including a pokie machine for predicting death.