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held, 2004

Held, ADT Held, ADT
photo Lois Greenfield
HELD is a dance performance about photography, time and perceptions of reality. Embodying the dynamic tension between the action of Garry Stewart's ballistic choreography and its 'fixed' capture by American photographer Lois Greenfield, HELD juxtaposes solidity with liquidity, heaviness with lightness, stillness with flow, clarity with illusion into an extraordinary live performance.

Using electronic strobes to photograph the dramatic explosions and propulsion of Garry Stewart's signature kamikaze style, Lois Greenfield created the illusion of weightlessness by freezing these dynamic moments at 1/2000 of a second, projected instantaneously, revealing to the audience a moment that exists beneath the threshold of perception. (Text courtesy Australian Dance Theatre.)

Held Held
photo Lois Greenfield
credits: concept and choreography Garry Stewart, photography Lois Greenfield

performances: premiere Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide, August 2004; Sydney Opera House, Sydney, August 2004; Monaco, December 2004; Discovery Theatre, Anchorage, Alaska, US, April 2005; The Joyce Theater, New York, US, April-May 2005; Paris, France, November 2005; Wonderland Ballroom, Adelaide, September 2006; Saitama, Japan, September-October 2006; Noisey-le-Grand, France, October 2006; Bourges, France, October 2006; Turnhout, Belgium, October 2006; Tarbes, France, October 2006; Martigues, France, October 2006; Annemasse, France, October 2006; Seville, Spain, October 2006; Champagne, France, October 2006; St Polten, Austria, October 2006; Echirolles, France, October 2006; Tilburg, the Netherlands, October 2006; Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, November 2006; Groningen, the Netherlands, November 2006; Sadler’s Wells, London, UK, February 2007; City Hall, Sheffield, UK, February 2007; Theatre Royal, Glasgow, UK, March 2007; Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff, UK, March 2007; Derngate Theatre, Northampton, UK, March 2007; Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe, March 2007; Alhambra Theatre, Bradford, UK, March 2007; Hall for Cornwall, Truro, UK, March 2007; New Victoria Theatre, Woking, UK, March 2007; The Lowry, Salford, UK, March 2007; Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, UK, March 2007

Held, ADT Held, ADT
photo Lois Greenfield
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Held, ADT Held, ADT
photo Lois Greenfield

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Held, ADT Held, ADT
photo Lois Greenfield

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Held Held
photo Lois Greenfield
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pathos, pathology and the still-mobile image: a warburgian reading of held by garry stewart and lois Greenfield
jonathan marshall, about performance 8, 2008, pp. 180-208


ADT does not sell DVD recordings of any of its works due to copyright laws. The company does have a system for lending DVD kits to educational institutions. The DVDs currently available for loan to educators are: Birdbrain, The Age Of Unbeauty, HELD and Devolution.

DVDs are loaned out with a $15 postage and handling fee plus an $85 deposit. The deposit is fully refunded upon the return of the DVD. For further information and to organise a loan contact Ros Heard


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