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morphia series, 2002

Helen Herbertson, Morphia Series Helen Herbertson, Morphia Series
photo Rachelle Roberts
From Morpheus, son of Hypnos and the God of Dreams, Morphia Series is a delicious morsel of text, sound, image and performance for audiences of 12 only.

A series of visual haiku, richly phantasmal and intimate, the piece works with the notion that life hovers somewhere between the ordinary and the metaphysical.

"enter pitch black, silent, an exotic treat to eat and drink
as light grows a figure in the distance, every shift exquisitely visible
a moving, audible body in the gleaming stillness of a subterranean world"
[Text courtesy of the artist.]

credits: design concept Ben Cobham, Helen Herbertson, performance, text, sound concept Helen Herbertson, light Ben Cobham, sound assistance Livia Ruzic, David Franzke, Byron Scullin, morsels John Salisbury

performances: premiere Melbourne International Arts Festival, October-November 2002; Singapore Arts Festival, August-September 2002; Glasgow, February 2003; Dublin, October 2003; Adelaide Festival of Arts, February-March 2004; Dance Massive, Melbourne, March 2009; Performance Space, CarriageWorks, Sydney, August 2009

Helen Herbertson, Morphia Series Helen Herbertson, Morphia Series
photo Rachelle Roberts
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Helen Herbertson, Morphia Series Helen Herbertson, Morphia Series
photo Rachelle Roberts

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