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the oracle, 2009

Paul White, The Oracle Paul White, The Oracle
photo Regis Lansac
The main inspirations for Meryl Tankard’s The Oracle come from the haunting work of Scandinavian painter Odd Nerdum, Nijinsky’s traumatic life and the experience of choreographing Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, and the powerful images and spirit of Ingmar Bergman’s 1960 film The Virgin Spring.

A lone performer (Paul White) is revealed centre stage holding a long brown velvet cloak and wearing only white underpants and a small white medieval style cap/bonnet. He is the Oracle, the Augur in touch with the vital forces of Nature: the Seer and the Medium. But he also undergoes transformations.

Paul White, The Oracle Paul White, The Oracle
photo Regis Lansac
He shows his adoration of the Earth. It is dawn, the dawn of humanity; a time when harmony reigned between the forces of nature and man. He is the protector of the Earth; the medium who can interpret the signs of nature. He is also the youth, the young maiden, the spring and the hope for renewal. But he has premonitions, apocalyptic visions: war, devastation, famine, drought, climate change. He becomes the earth but then he knows that he has to sacrifice himself to save the world, to bring another spring. The Oracle is a metaphor for our present time. Meditative and sensual, disturbing and wise, he is the Oracle, the interpreter of signs we cannot afford to miss. What sacrifice will nature require to renew a harmony squandered by greed and indifference?

credits: concept, direction Meryl Tankard, choreography Meryl Tankard, Paul White, set design, video Regis Lansac, lighting design Damien Cooper and Matt Cox

performances: premiere Playhouse, Sydney Opera House, September 2009; Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, December 2009; Brisbane Festival, September 2010

Paul White, The Oracle Paul White, The Oracle
photo Regis Lansac
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Paul White, The Oracle Paul White, The Oracle
photo Regis Lansac
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