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sue healey

Sue Healey is a choreographer, educator and dance-film maker based in Sydney. With 25 years of experience she creates dance in many contexts as both a commissioned choreographer for Australian and international companies, and as an independent artist. A founding member of Nanette Hassall’s Dance Works, she performed and choreographed with the company from 1983 to 1988. As Artistic Director of Vis-à-Vis Dance Canberra (1993-96) and Sue Healey Company (from 1996), she has toured throughout the USA, UK and Asia.

Healey graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne with a BA (Dance Performance, 1984) and later gained her Masters Degree in Choreography (2000) from Melbourne University. She was awarded a Choreographic Fellowship from the Australia Council (1999-2000) and the Robert Helpmann Scholarship (2009-10). Experimenting with form and perception, Healey creates dance for diverse spaces: theatres, galleries, specific sites and the camera. She has an enduring connection with Japan, having made three major works for the Aichi Arts Centre in Nagoya and Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama.

Works made in Sydney include three collections: Niche series (2002-04), In Time series (2005-07) and the current Curiosities series (2008-10). These encompass 16 works across live performance, dance-film, gallery installations and international collaborations. They have won awards nationally and internationally and the major works from each series have been presented by the Sydney Opera House and have toured to Melbourne, Canberra, New Zealand and Japan. The performance installation As You Take Time toured to the International Festival of Arts and Media, Yokohama, Japan in late 2009. Sue Healey also exhibited her installations and films at MIC Toi Rerehiko in Auckland, New Zealand, October 2010. The first stage of her work Variant was shown at the Performance Space season Liveworks in November 2010. [Text courtesy of the artist.] www.suehealey.com.au

works by sue healey


au revoir vis a vis
keith gallasch, realtime 7, june-july, 1995

sue healey
erin brannigan, the performance space quarterly 14, winter 1997, pp. 29-30

susan healey
interviewed by shirley mckechnie in the conceiving connections oral history project, nla, march 2003

the fine lines of creation
erin brannigan, realtime 61, june-july 2004

the slippery path
erin brannigan, realtime 73, june-july, 2006


time will tell (documentary)
emma hsu and fanny tsan, 2007

articles/reviews: other works by sue healey

fugue, 1995
next steps
virginia baxer, realtime 7, june-july, 1995

zella, 1996
as obvious and forgettable as gravity
eleanor brickhill, realtime 14, august-september, 1996

suite slip’d, 1996
moments and movements
wendy lasica, realtime 16, december 1996-january 1997

a full dance card
virginia baxter, realtime 19, june-july, 1997

complex paths
eleanor brickhill, realtime 20, august-september, 1997

too many cooks?
erin brannigan, realtime 21, october-november, 1997

stung, 1998
dancers behaving complexly
eleanor brickhill, realtime 27, october-november, 1998

between perceptual fields
philipa rothfield, realtime 27, october-november, 1998

all swans together
virginia baxter, realtime 27, october-november, 1998

niche#2, 2002
niche#2: a salon performance
erin brannigan, realtime 52, december 2002-january 2003

a film of one’s own (fugue solos), 2005
installation dancing
mike leggett, realtime 70, december 2005-january

reading the body
dancefilm: making choices
karen pearlman: 2010 reeldance awards
realtime 97, june-july 2010

variants on variety
keith gallasch: sue healey & company, variant
realtime 111, october-november 2012

the body is not given in advance
carol brown, realtime 119, february-march 2014

Thumbnail: Fine Line Terrain, courtesy the artist