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new works selected by RealTime editors with artist statements and reviews

November 20 2012

small scale performance propositions

small scale performance propositions

The first time I saw Brian Fuata perform was, I estimate, around 1999. He was wearing a spangly dress, had an enormous afro and was declaring...
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image: small scale performance propositions

brian fuata

May 08 2012

the experts project

everyday expertise

In The Experts Project Lara Thoms takes the idea of walking in someone else’s shoes to the extreme. She actually convinces people to let her come into their...
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image: the experts project

lara thoms

March 06 2012

s.i.t.e (screaming in the everyday)

everything is noiseful

In the middle of Martin Place, Sydney, a woman in black, her face obscured by hair, lets out a death metal roar of apocalyptic proportions. She continues to...
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image: s.i.t.e (screaming in the everyday)

kusum normoyle

August 23 2011

the carousel

the roundabout of life and death

Culture-jamming duo Soda_Jerk is well-known for savvy video works that laugh in the face of copyright and tease audiences with media moments of...
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image: the carousel


June 28 2011

identity & mutability

shifting incarnations

Nasim Nasr’s art is about identity—her own in a new culture and how it is always changeable. “I see identity as a transient invention,” she says, “it...
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image: identity & mutability

Nasim Nasr

April 05 2011


beautiful fear

Typically, facing a fear of heights on camera involves a high octane and thrilling but fleeting collision of speed and adrenaline. There were no such quick fixes to...
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image: vertigo

Fiona McGregor

December 18 2009

noise cancellation: disrupting audio perception

if walls had ears

Noise cancellation systems listen to the noise in an environment and produce the same frequency bands but with inverse polarity to eliminate unwanted sound. This...
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image: noise cancellation: disrupting audio perception

Cara-Ann Simpson

November 23 2009

the appointment

delusional therapy

As I descend into the darkened lower level of the UQ Art Museum to view Kate Murphy’s single-channel video installation The appointment (2009), a comforting...
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image: the appointment

Kate Murphy

November 06 2009

special effects

suspended disbelief

Push open the door into the semi-darkened gallery space of video installation artist Sam Smith's latest exhibition, Special Effects, and a gigantic head...
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image: special effects

Sam Smith

October 26 2009

i fell off my bike


Alright I admit it. I do get impatient with the current plague of cyclists on the roads. But unlike Magda Szubanski’s recent remarks about taking them out with car...
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image: i fell off my bike

Isobel Knowles

you're not thinking fourth dimensionally
Jaki Middleton & David Lawrey

Branch Nebula

idea of south
Roger Mills

Penelope Cain

the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie robot
Wade Marynowsky

the real thing
Jordana Maisie

emerging artist
Sarah Firth

memory untitled
Dean Linguey

six women standing in front of a white wall
Little Dove Theatre Art