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Unbearable Lightness (tree of fortune)

Keith Armstrong & Linda Carroli

Unbearable Lightness (tree of fortune) Unbearable Lightness (tree of fortune)
photo Keith Armstrong
Unbearable Lightness (tree of fortune) is a collaboration between Keith Armstrong and Linda Carroli recontextualsing the christmas tree. On the South Bank Cultural Forecourt, a fig tree is decoreated with small glowing baubles which on closer inspection are digital ‘text modules’ each with their own message.

“We live in a time of unbearable lightness, thinness, emptiness; a time where hope has become blanketed by fear. Christmas is traditionally a time of hope and renewal for many cultures, a time of giving (and taking), a time for reflection, a time to rethink what it is that must be thought. This artwork suggests that opportunity in a networked poem… to say goodbye, once and for all, to unbearable lightness.”

Keith Armstrong and Linda Carroli, Unbearable lightness (tree of fortune), South Bank Cultural Forecourt, Brisbane, November 28th 2003-January 4th 2004 from 6pm,

RealTime issue #58 Dec-Jan 2003 pg. 29

© Keith Armstrong & Linda Carroli; for permission to reproduce apply to [email protected]

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