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21 MAY, 2014


Wired LabIn Profiler 3 realtime tv takes you on a road trip to the country for the sights and sounds of Wired Open Day 2014; and then to outer space with Theatre Kantanka's Club Singularity.

When you return there's a journey into the dark heart of the Adelaide Biennial with Nick Mitzevitch (AGSA), and Willoh S Weiland & Aphids take you to the drive-in in Dromana.

Plus there's a quadruplet of profiles on emerging and established artists and our Profiler survey—Under the Influence—where we ask an inspiring bunch of artists to tell us the films, books and sounds that inspire them.

Gail Priest, RT Online Producer


RealTime RegionalWiredOpenDay
realtime tv: Sarah Last, Wired Open Day

The Wired Lab Artistic Director Sarah Last talks us through the immersive experiences offered at this year's Wired Open Day in Muttama, regional NSW.

For more art activity around NSW see RealTime Regional.


realtime tv: Theatre Kantaka, Club Singularity

Director Carlos Gomes and performer-devisor Katia Molino discuss the making of Theatre Kantanka's latest show Club Singularity, presented by Campbelltown Arts Centre (16-17 May, 2014) and Performance Space in association with National Art School (21-24 May, 2014).


Ian Strange
Nick Mitzevitch, Art Gallery of South Australia

Chris Reid is impressed by the return to aesthetic curation illustrated by Mitzevitch's Adelaide Biennial and his reconfiguring of the gallery.

Drive In
Aphids, The Drive-In Project

Rebecca Conroy ponders the processes of art making in community through the lens of Aphids' Drive-in project in Dromana, Mornington Peninsula with observations from the company's Artistic Director Willoh S Weiland.

In Profile

Chris Bennie, Fern Studio

Virginia Rigney contemplates Bennie's response to the unintentional legacies found in the Fern Studio, Bundanon.

In Profile

WOjak Aña Wojak, 3 Decades

Jeanti St Clair on this extensive retrospective of Wojak's painting practice, at The Cannon Gallery in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

In Profile

Sanitary Apocalypse
Wyatt Moss-Wellington
Sanitary Apocalypse

Oliver Downes explores the folk phantasmagoria of this idiosyncratic songwriter.

In Profile

Paper Cut
Paper Cut Contemporary Performance Collective Spent

Gail Priest asks this trio of ambitious Newcastle-based performance makers about their recent production Spent.




Words, Pictures, Sounds


A creative individual’s desire for ideas is unquenchable. For Profiler #3 we’ve asked artists to tell us about the words, pictures and sounds that have influenced their practice overall and what’s currently keeping them tipsy.

Phillip Adams | Martyn Coutts | Alex Davies | Lucy Guerin | Samuel James | nova Milne | soda_jerk | Sam Songailo | Lindsay Vickery | Julie Vulcan

BaileyJohn Bailey
RT's Melbourne theatre correspondent tells us about his writing adventures as a five-year-old and why he's still doing it.

"A critic is a haunting. We're there but we shouldn't be and that can result in humility or arrogance. I feel that mystery has more appeal than authority, though there's ample evidence against that position." More


Laetitia Wilson

RT's WA visual, media and hybrid arts reviewer tells us how she sees the relationship between text and art.

"Writing in the visual arts for me is about having that extra sensory component to text, having more than words, having images, sounds, tactile and immersive experiences available as zones of research." More



RT Talk

A forum for debate and discussion about adventurous contemporary art practices.

Performance as action: Keith Gallasch talks to Rimini Protokoll’s Stefan Kaegl
Tragedy at a distance: Keith Gallasch addresses the empathy issue in Kym Vercoe’s seven kilometre’s north-east
The improvising algorithm Parts 1 & 2: Jon Rose on whether resistance is futile

Partial Durations

News, reviews and discussion of New Music: A joint project between Matthew Lorenzon and RealTime.

12 reasons not to cut Australia Council funding for music
Australian Voices: Stuart Greenbaum
Next Wave: Fluvial, Matthias Schack-Arnott
Kupka’s Piano and Ensemble Offspring: The Machine and the Rank Weeds
Metropolis:Syzygy Ensemble, Logic
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Frescoes of Dionysius
Metropolis: Six Degrees, Garden of Earthly Desire



A special birthday edition featuring an overview of the experimental and innovative arts landscape as captured in the many, many, many pages of RealTime

Next Wave
Revelation Film Festival
Biennale of Sydney
Russell Dumas
Paul Selwyn Norton
Ian Burns
TV Moore
Bastard Territory
Wulamanayuwi & the Seven Pamanui
Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane performance

On the streets 6 June







LH COLUMN: Cat Jones, Evolution: A Walk [with Herbivores], The Wired Lab, 'Wired Open Day' and '(G)local Frequencies Project', May 2014, photo Jacob Raupach; David Burraston, Grain Silo Meditation Tones, The Wired Lab, 'Wired Open Day' and '(G)local Frequencies Project', May 2014, photo Jacob Raupach; Katia Molino, Carlos Gomes, realtime tv; Installation view 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Dark Heart featuring Ian Strange, 2014, Art Gallery of South Australia; The Drive-In Project, Aphids, photo Amelia Ducker; Chris Bennie, Fern Studio Floor: a cosmology, courtesy the artist; AñA Wojak, St John the Baptist (1983), photo David Corazza, courtesy the artist and The Channon Gallery; Wyatt Moss-Wellington, Sanitary Apocalypse (cd cover); Tamara Gazzard, Lucy Shepherd, Sarah Coffee, Spent, Paper Cut Contemporary Performance Collective, photo Tahnee McWhirte

RH COLUMN: Under the Influence Clockwise from top left: Alex Davies, portrait photo Tommy Oshima; Lucy Guerin, photo Toby Burrows; Phillip Adams, stills form Thumb, courtesy the artist; Julie Vulcan, photo Michael Myers; John Bailey; Laetitia Wilson; Matthias Schack-Arnott in Fluvial, photo by Jesse Hunniford


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