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RT Profiler 4

2 JULY, 2014


Making art is a matter of life and death.

From Lynette Wallworth's documentary Tender, about a community fighting for the dignity of the dying, and Phillip Adams' & Andrew Hazewinkel's LIVE WITH IT (we all have HIV), to Hetti Perkins' celebration of the strength of Indigenous Australians expressed through art in her new series for ABC TV, and from the challenges of revolution exhibited in the life of the poet Mayakovsky in Michael Smetanin’s new opera to new projects at Dario Vacirca's Open Space, the message is clear, the struggle for survival can bring out the best in us.

And in case it's getting too melancholy we have fascinating travel tales from artists in our Dreaming Cities survey, an Archive Highlight celebration of Speak Percussion and we check out new works by Prying Eye and Lily Hibberd.

Gail Priest, RT Online Producer

realtime tv: Lynette Wallworth, Tender

Artist, writer, director Lynette Wallworth talks with Keith Gallasch about the making of Tender as part of The Hive Fund initiative. Includes trailer footage of Tender, courtesy of ABC 1.


Mata Dupont
realtime tv: Pilar Mata Dupont, Purgatorio

Interview with visual artist Pilar Mata Dupont about her video work Purgatorio, commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre for the upcoming exhibition, The List.


Interview: Michael Smetanin, Mayakovsky

Keith Gallasch interviews composer Michael Smetanin about his opera, with a libretto by Alison Croggon, based on the life and poetry of Russian artist Vladimir Mayakovsky, presented by Sydney Chamber Opera & Carriageworks.

Live with it
Interview: Phillip Adams & Andrew Hazewinkel,
LIVE WITH IT (we all have HIV)

John Bailey talks to the co-directors of this community-focused project looking at HIV and survival in the 21st century.

Interview: Hetti Perkins, Art + Soul 2

Keith Gallasch talks with writer & presenter, Hetti Perkins about the second series of this inspiring program about Indigenous art in Australia.

Open Space
Interview: Dario Vacirca, Open Space

Benjamin Brooker talks politics, art and public space with the artistic director of Adelaide's Open Space, the mulitdisciplinary arts organisation that has evolved out Knee High Puppets.

Speak Percussion
Archive Highlight: Speak Percussion

In light of a new series of concerts by Speak Percussion—Richard Barrett Percussion Portrait (SIAL, RMIT, 26 July) and Transducer (Arts Centre Melbourne, Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 1-2 Aug)—Matthew Lorenzon reflects on the company's innovative output over the last 12 years.

In Profile

Prying eye
Prying Eye,
White Porcelain Doll

Kathryn Kelly chats with veteran dancers Zaimon and Lizzie Vilimanis about their debut dance theatre production which explores the dynamics of captive and captor.

In Profile

HibberdLily Hibberd, Twin Cinema: Four Devils and a Woman in Red

Urszula Dawkins chats with artist Lily Hibberd about old cinemas in the Latrobe Valley featured in her exhibition and performance presented as part of The Cinemas Project, curated by Bridget Crone.




Dreaming Cities

Dreaming Cities

For Profiler 4, we’ve asked a selection of artists to tell us about a city that gets their creative curiosity piquing and how that place has influenced their practice or a particular project. Enjoy this vicarious vacation.

Lawrence English | Paul Gazzola | Janie Gibson | Cat Jones | Teik-Kim Pok | Jodi Rose | Jon Rose | David Young

WakeCaroline Wake
RT's Sydney-based writer ruminates on the role of the review as record in theatre and performance.

"I don’t remember life without writing but, as friends and colleagues have pointed out, I rarely call it that; instead I refer to it as “typing…Some of my early reviews are clearer of eye but harder of heart. For better or worse, I am more forgiving now, all too aware of the courage it takes to create and the conditions under which most artists labour. ” More


Jodie McNeilly

RT's Sydney-based writer on dance waxes philosophical—her other passion—about the relationship between writing and movement.

"I’m prone to poetics over clear language, taking any chance to burst forth from the pith to paint the page with images and rhythms. Review writing allows me to play with language in this way. Dance and movement are rich fodder for description. When watching we usually register what we see more than what we feel. Writing is the great emancipator of the felt." More



A forum for debate and discussion about adventurous contemporary art practices.

Tacita Dean

Keith Gallasch on The disenchantments of Stephen Dillane; or Tacita Dean discovers contemporary performance

Partial Durations
News, reviews and discussion of New Music: A joint project between Matthew Lorenzon and RealTime.


Benjamin Carey et al.: _derivations reviewed by Matthew Lorenzon
Austin Buckett: Grain Loops reviewed by Henry Andersen



Arts & Education feature
Our annual look at the state of arts education across the nation

LIFT, London
FTA, Montreal
Adhocracy, Vitalstatistix
Liquid Architecture
Motel Dreaming, Dark MOFO
The Cinemas Project
Salamanca Arts Centre
Escape Theatre
Danger Ensemble
Djuki Mala
Antony Hamilton
Kupka's Piano

On the streets 15 August


Arts & Education





LH COLUMN: Lynette Wallworth, Keith Gallasch, realtime tv; Pilar Mata Dupont, realtime tv; Michael Smetanin, courtesy the artist; Hetti Perkins, Vernon Ah Kee, Art+Soul 2, image courtesy Hibiscus Films; LIVE WITH I : We all have HIV, project rehearsal, courtesy the artists; Quadrupedism Saves!, Open Space, director Dario Vacirca, photo Chloe Billebault; Transducer, Speak Percussion, THNMF2013, photo Brad Serls; Zaimon and Lizzie Vilmanis, White Porcelain Doll, Prying Eye, FenLan Photography; Twin Cinema: Four Devils and a Woman in Red, Yallourn Theatre demolished, memory screen, commissioned by NETS Victoria for The Cinemas Project curated by Bridget Crone, photo Din Heagney

RH COLUMN: Dreaming Cities - clockwise from top left: Berlin Wall and Jon Rose, stills from a film by Konstanze Binder 1990, Rosenberg Museum Archive, courtesy the artists; Kyoto, photo Lawrence English; Luka Princic, mixing live sound under Bizovik Bridge, 2007, photo Jodi Rose; Entrance to the Fragrance Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Library, Cat Jones; Real Time Talk: Tacita Dean, Event for a Stage, 2014, presented at Carriageworks in association with ABC RN, courtesy the artist, Fifth Street Gallery, London and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York and Paris, co-commissioned by the 19th Biennale of Sydney and Carriageworks, photo Zan Wimberley; Benjamin Carey et al.: _derivations


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